Liver Transplant

The liver, the largest organ in your body, is located on your right side behind your rib cage. It has many functions including processing proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and breaking down toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol. The liver makes the chemical components that help your blood clot. If the liver fails, you lose the ability to clot blood and process nutrients needed for life.

The liver also excretes a yellow digestive juice called bile, which may accumulate if your liver is not functioning properly. Your eyes may become "jaundiced" or yellow or your skin may itch from the accumulated bile. Some medications help treat the symptoms of liver failure, but there are no drugs that "cure" liver failure. If your liver begins to fail, you may be eligible for a liver transplant that could involve a relatively new procedure called a "living donor" transplant.

Awards & recognition

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    in the U.S. for number of liver transplants performed

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