From an early age, Alex Berger knew he wanted to be a doctor, having witnessed the compassionate care his mother received during her battle with breast cancer. After medical school, he began training in general obstetrics and gynecology, but during his residency he got a chance to work with experts in a new subspecialty - female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Though it had only been certified as a subspecialty a few years earlier, in 2013, Berger quickly saw how much the field had to offer. Patients came in suffering and debilitated by uncomfortable conditions, such as a prolapsed uterus, often also feeling embarrassed by related problems, such as incontinence. "But then through our therapies, treatments and surgeries, they really got better," he recalls. "It was just so nice to see." The experience inspired him to pursue additional training in the subspecialty. Last year, he joined the UCSF's Gynecologic Surgery and Urogynecology clinic. We talked to him about why he finds his practice fulfilling and the promise he sees in his field's future.