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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation aims to restore physical, sensory and mental capabilities, which patients have lost due to injury, illness or disease. We tailor each rehabilitation program to the individual patient's needs with physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.

Our care team helps patients optimize their independence and quality of life through efficient, high-quality, evidence-based and patient-centered rehabilitation. Patients and their families are actively involved in their recovery.

In addition to our physical therapy clinics for outpatients, we work in the hospital setting to prepare patients for returning home or moving on to the next level of care. We also help run the Early ICU Mobilization and Acute Care for Elders programs.

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Physical Therapy at Lakeshore

1569 Sloat Blvd., Suite 333A
San Francisco, CA 94132

Physical Therapy at Mission Bay

1500 Owens St., Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94158

Physical Therapy at Mount Zion

2655 Bush St., Suite C-1
San Francisco, CA 94115

Berkeley Outpatient Center

3100 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702

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