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Welcome to the Heart of Expertise

At UCSF Health, we're laser-focused on uncovering the genetic and cellular components of cancer detection and treatment. Because the closer we can look at the clues that cancer provides, the better equipped we'll be to unravel the causes and the cures.

Experience and innovation define UCSF’s heart and vascular care

Heart failure


Limb preservation

Why choose UCSF?

World-class expertise

Our heart and vascular experts have advanced training in all cardiology subspecialties. Patients from all over the Bay Area, across the nation and beyond come to UCSF because we excel at treating every kind of heart condition, from the common to the rare and complex.

Convenient, around-the-clock care

We offer heart and vascular care in all nine Bay Area counties and have a 24-hour cross-disciplinary team of specialists on call for heart attacks. Our experts collaborate with other departments on complex cases, and our on-site laboratories mean patients get test results faster.

Gentler approaches

UCSF surgeons have special training in minimally invasive heart procedures. The benefits of these techniques include less postsurgical pain, smaller scars and shorter hospital stays, all of which help patients feel better faster and return to their regular activities sooner.

Innovative treatments

We save patients' lives with state-of-the-art techniques and strategies. UCSF researchers developed or refined many of the cutting-edge treatments we use, including ablation to treat arrhythmias and cardiac resynchronization therapy to treat heart failure.

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    Patient stories

    Learn how our patients recovered from a variety of heart and vascular conditions with help from UCSF’s expert care team and innovative approach to treatment.
    Mitral valve prolapse treated with minimally invasive technique

    A Gentler Approach to Heart Valve Replacement

    A pioneering and less invasive procedure enabled this patient born with heart defects to avoid the trauma of another open heart surgery. Here's his story.

    Heart Condition Care: AFib Patient Gets Her Life Back

    Discover how medications, surgery, and a 24-hour UCSF call number eased Kathi Sigona's anxiety, controlled her arrhythmia and let her work and travel again.

    "Symphony" of Care Saves Patient After Heart Attack

    John Carroll fully recovered from three heart attacks thanks to a coordinated care team of emergency doctors, interventional cardiologists and other providers at UCSF Health.

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    Awards & recognition

    • usnews-neurology

      Among the top hospitals in the nation

    • One of the nation's best in cardiology and heart & vascular surgery

    • Rated high-performing hospital for heart attack

    • Rated high-performing hospital for heart bypass surgery

    • Rated high-performing hospital for heart failure

    • Rated high-performing hospital for abdominal aortic aneurysm

    • Rated high-performing hospital for transcatheter aortic valve replacement