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At UCSF Health, we're laser-focused on uncovering the genetic and cellular components of cancer detection and treatment. Because the closer we can look at the clues that cancer provides, the better equipped we'll be to unravel the causes and the cures.

UCSF's leadership in the fight against cancer

Drug plants “eat me” flag on the surface of cancer cells

A new therapy draws mutated KRAS proteins to the surface of cancer cells, signaling the immune system to attack.

Novel immunotherapy kills pancreatic cancer and melanoma

Supercharged T cells create potent anti-cancer cytokines, but only within tumors.

Tackling prostate cancer’s “perplexing disparity”

From genetic mutations in prostate cancer cells to systemic factors, experts at UCSF are working to explain – and eliminate – the higher risks faced by African American men.

A novel approach to breast cancer screening

In a groundbreaking national study, UCSF is uncovering whether a personalized approach to breast cancer screening leads to better outcomes – and, ultimately, prevention.

Advanced diagnostics lead to life-saving cure

The UCSF500 Cancer Gene Panel helped clinicians identify a new medication, also developed by UCSF, to treat baby Quincy’s juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia.

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Our research initiatives

  • UCSF-Helen-Diller-Family-Comprehensive-Cancer-Center-Research-2x

    UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Research

    UCSF is home to a range of research initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for cancer patients everywhere. This includes research on topics such as immunotherapy, BRCA mutations and molecular diagnostic testing.

  • Athena-Breast-Health-Network-2x

    Athena Breast Health Network

    The Athena Breast Health Network, a collaborative organization that includes UCSF, promotes data sharing to help all partners deliver more effective and personalized care to patients with breast cancer.

  • breast-cancer-trials-2x

    Breast Cancer Trials helps match patients who want to participate in breast cancer research with open studies that are right for them.

  • UCSF Anal Cancer Research

    The UCSF Anal Neoplasia Clinic, Research and Education Center participates in research aimed at improving the understanding and treatment of anal neoplasia and cancer.

  • UCSF-Brain-Tumor-Center-Clinical-Trials-2x

    UCSF Brain Tumor Center Clinical Trials

    The UCSF Brain Tumor Center is home to many laboratories dedicated to improving the understanding and treatment of brain cancer. The labs explore aspects of brain tumor risk, biology, diagnosis and treatment.

  • UCSF-Center-for-BRCA-Research-2x

    UCSF Center for BRCA Research

    The UCSF Center for BRCA Research is working to discover which types of cancer – beyond breast and ovarian cancers – may be associated with mutations in the BRCA genes, and whether other factors impact risk.

  • UCSF-Department-of-Pathology-Research-2x

    UCSF Department of Pathology Research

    The UCSF Department of Pathology has numerous research programs that collaborate with other groups at UCSF to improve patient care in many areas, such as cancer and transplantation medicine.

  • UCSF-Department-of-Urology-Research-2x

    UCSF Department of Urology Cancer Research

    The UCSF Department of Urology is internationally known for its research in prostate and other urological cancers.

  • UCSF-Division-of-Endocrine-Surgery-Research-2x

    UCSF Division of Endocrine Surgery Research

    The UCSF Endocrine Surgical Oncology Research Program investigates the causes and treatments of thyroid and other endocrine cancers, with the goal of helping more patients survive endocrine cancer and remain cancer free.

  • UCSF-Prostate-Cancer-Program-Research-2x

    UCSF Prostate Cancer Program Research

    The UCSF Prostate Cancer Program conducts research aimed at discovering how prostate cancer develops and progresses, finding the best methods of predicting patient outcomes and developing treatments to improve these outcomes

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Rankings and recognition

  • usnews-neurology

    Among the top hospitals in the nation

  • Best in Northern California and No. 7 in the nation for cancer care

Accreditations & memberships

  • National Cancer Institute

    The National Cancer Institute has designated UCSF a comprehensive cancer center, its highest ranking. This designation is awarded to centers that demonstrate scientific excellence and the ability to conduct cancer research across many disciplines.

  • Commission on Cancer

    UCSF's cancer programs have been accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer (CoC) since 1933. The CoC is a consortium of groups dedicated to improving cancer patients' survival and quality of life via research, education and better medical care.

  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network

    UCSF is a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, an alliance of the world’s top cancer centers. The network brings together leaders in treatment and research to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of cancer care.

Resources for physicians


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