A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray of the breast. It can reveal small abnormalities in this tissue long before you see or feel a change. For most women, regular screening mammograms are the most reliable way to find breast cancer early, when it's easiest to treat.

If you're at average risk of breast cancer, annual mammograms are recommended starting at age 40. If your risk is higher, your doctor may recommend starting earlier or having additional screenings.

Mammograms at UCSF Health

Where you get your mammogram matters: Radiologists who specialize in mammography are better at detecting cancer in its earliest stages. At UCSF Health, our highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment have earned us the American College of Radiology's Breast Imaging Center of Excellence designation.

We offer:

  • 3D mammography – The latest in screening technology, 3D mammography produces higher-quality images than conventional mammography. It's also more accurate than standard methods, leading to fewer false positives and fewer missed diagnoses. It's especially valuable for patients with dense breast tissue.
  • Online booking – It's easy to schedule an appointment online. You don't need a referral.
  • Fast results – We report breast imaging results promptly.
  • Renowned imaging experts – Our fellowship-trained radiologists helped shape the field of breast imaging, both nationally and internationally.
  • Nurse navigators – If we find an abnormality, our specially trained nurses can guide you through follow-up tests and care.

Should you need follow-up care, you'll have seamless access to one of the world's leading centers for breast health. Our team of breast radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, genetic counselors and other health care providers can address every breast health concern and condition, including all types of breast cancer.