Frontotemporal Dementia Caregiver Support Group

The UCSF Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) Caregiver Support Group provides education as well as support to the caregivers and families of people with FTD and related neurodegenerative diseases, such as progressive nuclear palsy or corticobasal degeneration. The group addresses the needs of FTD caregivers, whose concerns are often different from those of Alzheimer's disease caregivers. The format is informal, with open discussion and occasional speakers. Attendance is free, and no reservation is needed.

Location: Virtual/Zoom.
Meetings: Second Thursday of the month, 12:30 – 2 p.m.
Contact: Leslie Gaynor, (415) 514-1223 or [email protected]. Please call for up-to-date schedule and information.