The UCSF Fontana Tobacco Treatment Center Freedom From Smoking/Vaping/Chewing Support Group helps participants stay tobacco-free or work toward that goal. Many people find that having a structured group to attend regularly is key to lasting success.

The support group is open to graduates of the center's Stop Smoking/Vaping/Chewing Class. All graduates, including those still using cigarettes, vape pens or smokeless tobacco, are welcome to attend. Come receive and offer support to others working on living tobacco-free.

Facilitators are available to answer questions about medications that support smoking cessation and to assist with appropriate tapering of those medications. Sessions are led by registered nurses who are former smokers and peer counselors who have been smoke-free for years.

The support group meets on Zoom.
Meetings: Mondays, 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.
Contact: Suzanne Harris or Sonia Sharma, (415) 885-7895