UCSF Health has contracts with many health insurance companies – ranging from preferred provider organizations (PPOs) to health maintenance organizations (HMOs) – to provide specialized inpatient and outpatient care.

The following list includes the insurance companies that have contracts with UCSF as well as Medicare Advantage and Medi-Cal programs that are accepted here. If you have one of the plans listed below, you and your referring physician must follow the authorization procedure required by your plan when seeking care at UCSF Health.

If you're choosing or changing insurance: Even if your insurance plan appears on the list below, it doesn't guarantee full access to UCSF's services. To find out whether your plan allows unrestricted, restricted, or no access to care at UCSF Health, please ask your health insurance company or your employer's benefit manager. (Only they can answer this question for you; UCSF doesn't have this information.)

Please know that we do not contract with or participate in health insurance discount card programs. We do, however, accept payments made through health savings account (HSA) programs.