Antenatal Testing Center

Antenatal testing is used to evaluate fetal well-being in certain pregnancies. Providers may recommend this testing for some patients to obtain more information about how the placenta is functioning. A few of the reasons for testing include diabetes, hypertension, overdue pregnancy and advanced maternal age.

Specially trained registered nurses perform the tests using a fetal monitor and ultrasound. These tests are comfortable and safe, and are usually repeated at intervals to monitor the baby’s well-being over time. Most patients are seen once or twice a week.

At the Antenatal Testing Center we are committed to providing excellent care in a friendly, peaceful atmosphere that is both relaxing and reassuring.

Please call the number below to make an appointment.

Getting Here

Antenatal Testing Center
Ron Conway Family Gateway Medical Building
1825 Fourth St., Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158
Phone: (415) 353-2722
Fax: (415) 353-2496

Hours: Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

What to Bring

  • Two forms of Identification, including photo ID
  • Insurance card

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The two main tests provided at the Antenatal Testing Center are the Non-Stress Test (NST) and the Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI). Together, these are called a Modified Biophysical Profile (MBPP).

Non-Stress Test (NST)

The NST is a method of assessing fetal well-being by observing the fetal heart rate response to fetal movement. A fetal monitor is used for a NST. Two small monitor parts are fastened around your abdomen with soft belts. These parts are attached by cords to a monitor that records both contractions and fetal heart rate. Your nurse will provide further explanation and answer any questions during the test.

Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI)

An AFI uses an ultrasound machine to scan the uterus and measure the depth of fluid pockets. These measurements determine whether there is enough amniotic fluid (water) around the baby. You will be able to observe your baby during the ultrasound. The nurses will review the findings with you after the exam.

Biophysical Profile (BPP)

A BPP is usually done only if more information is needed following the modified BPP. It is a five-part test that uses the fetal monitor and ultrasound to evaluate the NST, AFI, fetal breathing movements, body movements and muscle tone. The test is scored and will determine if and when additional testing or evaluation is need. The nurse will discuss the test with you and answer any questions you may have.


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