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Last reviewed 3/1/2021

Please note: Do not contact your doctor to schedule a vaccine for you. We have a centralized vaccine clinic that is managing distribution. We are not giving vaccines in doctors' offices.

Vaccine Eligibility and Appointments

You'll find our current schedule of who is eligible to be vaccinated in the charts below. It will continue to change as we vaccinate more of our patients and as the vaccine supply increases. Be sure to check back for updates.

When you're eligible for a vaccine we'll invite you to schedule it by email, phone, or mail. More scheduling and vaccine instructions will be provided in your invitation. We'll ask you to self-schedule an appointment via MyChart. If you don't have a MyChart account, please sign up here.

Both types of vaccine require two doses and two appointments. When you get your first dose, we'll tell you how to schedule your second dose.

Patients being vaccinated at UCSF Mission Bay or Parnassus must schedule their appointments through MyChart. To make an appointment at City College of San Francisco, sign up via the City's vaccine website. (Click on the blue button labeled “Search City-run sites” to find City College info.) You can also sign up for alerts about vaccines available near you via MyTurn, the California state sign-up system.