Last updated 1/21/2021

Please note: You must have an appointment via MyChart to be vaccinated.

Vaccine Distribution Plan

As production of the COVID-19 vaccine slowly ramps up, our vaccine supply remains limited and unpredictable. We recognize that our patients and community are eager to be vaccinated and hope to have access to more vaccines soon.

During this period of limited supply, UCSF will distribute the vaccine in three phases, prioritized to make sure that people who are most at risk for exposure to the virus or for COVID-19 complications get vaccinated first.

We are now vaccinating health care workers from the first phase and UCSF patients age 75 and older. This is a large group of people, so we ask for your patience as we roll these vaccinations out.

When you are eligible for a vaccine, we will invite you to schedule it. Both types of vaccine require two doses and two appointments.

Please note that your grouping is not determined by your doctor, but by your age and health conditions, following California Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines.

Do not contact your doctor to schedule a vaccine. We have a centralized vaccine clinic that is managing distribution, so your doctor will not be able to request a vaccine for you. We are not giving vaccines in doctors' offices.

You'll find our current schedule in the charts below. It will continue to change as we vaccinate more of our patients and as the vaccine supply increases. Be sure to check back for updates.

For more information about the vaccines and our distribution plan, visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Information Hub.