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Alexander Gotowski


Physician assistant

About me

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Alexander Gotowski is a physician assistant who cares for patients with a broad range of neurological disorders, including seizures and epilepsy. To optimize treatment, he works collaboratively with doctors and other health care professionals. He has a particular interest in developing therapies and team-based care models for functional neurological disorders (a problem with how the central nervous system receives, sends and interprets information and communicates with the rest of the body). He also treats migraines, trigeminal neuralgia (a chronic disorder causing facial pain) and neuropathy (symptoms caused by damaged or diseased nerves).

Gotowski earned his master's degree in physician assistant studies at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine. He completed postgraduate training in epilepsy care at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He has also completed specialty training in care for functional neurological disorders.

  • Education

    Penn State College of Medicine, MS, 2020

Contemporary neurological care requires an understanding of the interconnected system of the brain and the mind.

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