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Alexandra Block


Travel lover, bookworm and baker

Alexandra Block is a nurse who cares for patients being treated for digestive system cancers. She provides telephone triage and assesses patients who experience adverse events related to chemotherapy or immunotherapy, or as part of participating in clinical trials (studies of promising new therapies). She leads patient education sessions on chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and coordinates patient care with community oncology teams and other care teams outside UCSF in order to best support each patient throughout treatment.

Block also participates in efforts to improve patient care by creating protocol standards that everyone in the oncology department can follow. For example, she has worked on reducing the number of verbal orders entered into medical records by oncology clinic nurses.

Block earned a bachelor's degree in nursing at Simmons University. She played field hockey in college and continues to stay active outside of work. She enjoys skiing, hiking, bicycling, running and practicing yoga.

I feel privileged to be able to build relationships with patients and their families by being their advocate and educator throughout their care.

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