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Brian Alldredge


Proud father of two, lover of tacos and Sichuan food

  • (415) 353-2437
  • (415) 353-2437

Brian Alldredge is a pharmacist who specializes in drug therapy for epilepsy.

Alldredge's research focuses on identifying the best treatments for epilepsy and for the prolonged seizures that can occur with the condition. He also studies how genetic makeup can help predict the best and safest medication to treat an individual's epilepsy.

Alldredge earned his doctor of pharmacy degree at UCSF. He belongs to the American Epilepsy Society.

Along with being a proud father of two, Alldredge is a fan of tacos and Sichuan cuisine.

  • Education

    UCSF, PharmD, 1984

I'm devoted to treating everyone with respect and prioritizing the health needs of my patients above all other concerns in my career.

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