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Rami Weinberg is a physical therapist who works with patients receiving orthopedic or sports medicine care. He specializes in rehabilitation for patients who have undergone amputation. He also cares for patients receiving hormone therapy for prostate cancer.

Weinberg earned a bachelor's degree in biopsychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He earned his doctor of physical therapy degree from the University of Southern California. He stayed at USC to complete his residency in orthopedic physical therapy. He is board certified in orthopedics as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Weinberg served as adjunct faculty at USC from 2009 to 2012. He is now an adjunct volunteer faculty member for the doctor of physical therapy program offered jointly by UCSF and San Francisco State University.

Where I see patients (2)

    My work

    Accident survivor learns to walk again with custom prosthetics

    After a double amputation, Miguel was determined to regain as much function as possible. Rami Weinberg had the expertise to help him reach his goals.

    Please check with your health insurance plan regarding coverage for this type of care. Not all providers at UCSF are covered by every insurance plan.