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Richard Souza


Physical therapist
Biomechanic, running enthusiast and Warriors fan

About me

Richard Souza is a physical therapist who cares for runners and walkers, helping them avoid injuries with an improved gait. He collaborates with a care team of doctors, biomedical engineers, nutritionists, orthotists and athletic trainers to address issues related to running biomechanics, strength and flexibility, and foot structure to provide guidance on optimizing running form, strength and flexibility training, footwear and diet.

Souza's lab investigates the relationship between how someone runs and the hip, knee and ankle injuries they tend to develop. He uses advanced imaging techniques to evaluate running gait and the force on legs and joints from hitting the ground. With that information, he designs methods of preventing injuries in people with certain conditions, such as osteoarthritis, and helps patients recover from running injuries.

Souza earned his master of physical therapy degree from Samuel Merritt University. He earned a doctorate in biokinesiology from the University of Southern California. He completed postdoctoral training in radiology and biomedical imaging.

Souza teaches in UCSF and San Francisco State University's joint graduate program in physical therapy. His classes include radiology for the physical therapist, gait evaluation and observational running analysis. He directs UCSF's PhD program in rehabilitation science.

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