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Shaadi Settecase


Nurse practitioner

Shaadi Settecase is a nurse practitioner who cares for patients with vascular diseases of the central nervous system (conditions affecting blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord), including brain aneurysms, strokes, arteriovenous malformations (abnormal tangles of arteries and veins), arteriovenous fistulas (abnormal connections between arteries and veins) and carotid artery disease (when fatty deposits narrow blood vessels in the neck that supply the brain).

Settecase participates in a variety of research projects, including studies of new devices to treat brain aneurysms and of new minimally invasive approaches to address various central nervous system diseases.

Settecase earned her master's degree in nursing at UCSF.

  • Education

    UCSF, MSN, 2013

  • Board Certifications

    Adult Nurse Practitioner, American Nurses Credentialing Center - Adult NP

Our model of care bridges the best of the neuroscience subspecialties to provide a holistic approach for patients.

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