What is CyberKnife radiosurgery?

The CyberKnife is an advanced robotic system that is a form of radiosurgery. Radiosurgery is a treatment approach that delivers precise and concentrated doses of radiation therapy to specific areas of the body. There is no surgery – no incisions or anesthesia are required for this treatment. Because the CyberKnife is so precise, there is also minimal radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues during this treatment.

The CyberKnife is mainly used to target tumors, both cancerous and noncancerous. It may be recommended if your condition is difficult to treat with surgery.

Our approach to Cyberknife

UCSF began performing CyberKnife treatments in 2003 and is one of only a few medical centers in California that offer the procedure. In many cases, patients treated with the CyberKnife today would have previously been considered untreatable with surgery or conventional radiation therapy.

Compared to other radiosurgical treatments, the CyberKnife offers several advantages to patients, including rapid relief from pain and other symptoms.

Some conditions may be treated with a different non-invasive radiosurgery device called the Gamma Knife, which is also available at UCSF Health. We use the Gamma Knife primarily to treat small brain tumors, epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia or abnormal blood vessel formations in the brain.