Accountable Care Organization F.A.Q.

How do I know if my PCP participates in an ACO?

All UCSF physicians participate in the UCSF ACOs.

How do I know if I will benefit from coordinated care or care support?

If you have a chronic or complex medical condition that is being managed by more than one doctor, or you are struggling with several different medical conditions at once, you could benefit from the care support offered by our ACOs. We have a team of professionals who work together to understand your lifestyle, help you stay on track with your treatments, monitor various prescription drugs and provide health care and wellness coaching in a coordinated manner. This is our Care Support Team. If you do not have complex health conditions and are generally healthy, ACOs are still a good choice because they are committed to providing resources to keep you healthy. Our Care Support Team is available to help patients in the ACOs we participate in and patients who get their primary care from a UCSF Primary Care Provider.

Will being in an ACO cost more?

No. There is no additional cost to you to receive the services and support for which you are eligible.

An ACO sounds like an HMO. Are they the same?

No. An ACO is different from a health maintenance organization (HMO). An ACO is a partnership between physicians, hospitals and insurance companies, created with the goal of improving quality and cost efficiency. An HMO is a type of health plan structure that directs care to a network of physicians, hospitals and other medical providers.

How is my privacy protected?

UCSF has implemented an electronic health record, which is called APeX. It is HIPAA compliant to protect the confidentiality for all patients. This system also has role based functions to limit the information for certain work purposes only.

What is an ACO?

Accountable care organizations, or ACOs, are groups of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who come together voluntarily to provide coordinated high quality care. When you are part of an ACO you benefit from connected, coordinated care that saves you time and provides a better health care experience.

For more information, contact the Office of Population Health and Accountable Care
Phone: (415) 514-8407