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Asthma Clinic

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The UCSF Asthma Clinic provides comprehensive, highly specialized care for patients with moderate to severe asthma. Our services include diagnostic testing, physiologic and allergic evaluation, optimization of medical management and education in asthma self-management.

We also have ongoing research studies to evaluate potential asthma treatments that some patients may be eligible for. Interested patients should inquire to see if they can participate.

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    Mechanistic Insights From Bronchoscopy Airway Samples

    Specifically, gene expression will be interrogated in single cells via 10x droplet-based RNA sequencing of airway brushings obtained from bronchoscopy. The gene expression data is used to characterize individuals cells as goblet c...


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    The Effects of Positive Airway Pressure on the Mucolytic Effects of NAC (TEAM)

    The primary outcome is the % change in mucus plug score from 1 week before treatment to 1 week post treatment.


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    Impact of Metabolic Dysfunction and Mucus Plugging on Asthma Physiology

    We will compare change in EELV during the CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test) between the obese asthma patients with MD or without MD and between the patients with severe asthma with mucus plugs or without mucus plugs.


    Decorative Caduceus

    SPIROMICS Study of Early COPD Progression (SOURCE)

    Parametric Response Mapping captures the change in lung density between matched inspiratory and expiratory images thereby enabling the distinction between normal lung parenchyma (PRMNORM), emphysema (PRMEMPH), and non-emphysematou...


    Decorative Caduceus

    Tissue Immune Interaction in Nasal Polyposis

    This study enrolls chronic rhinosinusitis patients with and without nasal polyps. Investigators aim to compare the percentage of ILC2 and tuft cells present in nasal tissue and secretions between those who present with nasal polyp...


    Decorative Caduceus

    Lung Function Outcomes Following Removal of Airway Mucus Plugs in Patients With Asthma (FOCUS)

    We will assess change from baseline FEV1 one week after and six months after removal of mucus plugs by bronchoscopy.


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    PrecISE (Precision Interventions for Severe and/or Exacerbation-Prone Asthma) Network Study

    Assessed prior to bronchodilator administration. Efficacy analyses will compare the end-of-period outcome values between test treatment and placebo.


    Decorative Caduceus

    CF And Effects of Drugs Mixed Ex Vivo With Sputum for Mucolytic Treatment


    Decorative Caduceus

    The Effect of NAC on Lung Function and CT Mucus Score

    The primary outcome is the % change in FEV1 from the start to the end of each two-week treatment period (either placebo or 20% NAC).


    Awards & recognition

    • usnews-neurology

      Among the top hospitals in the nation

    • usnews-pulmonology

      No. 8 in the nation for pulmonology & lung surgery

    Support services

    Patient Resource

    Case Management & Social Work

    Connect with a team that can help you find resources, solve problems and advocate for you during treatment at UCSF.


    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Class

    This eight-week class teaches mindfulness practices that can reduce stress and improve your overall health, such as meditation and body awareness.

    Patient Resource

    Patient Relations

    We welcome feedback about your experience at UCSF Health. Find out how to contact us with comments, questions or concerns.

    Patient Resource

    Spiritual Care Services

    Chaplains representing many faiths are available around the clock to provide support, comfort and counsel to patients, families and caregivers.

    Preparing for your appointment

    What to Bring

    • Completed forms, which we will send to you before your appointment
    • ID
    • Insurance card
    • Medications or list of medications you are taking, including dosage, method and frequency
    • CD of past imaging studies, if possible

    International Services

    If you live outside the United States and are coming to UCSF for medical treatment, our patient liaisons can help coordinate all aspects of your visit.

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    Interpreting Services

    UCSF offers interpreters in various languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), as well as services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and visually impaired patients.

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    Hospital Stays

    Make your hospital stay as smooth and comfortable as possible by finding out how to prepare and what to expect.

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    Your Doctor Visit

    See our top 10 tips for making your UCSF doctor’s appointment as stress-free and productive as possible.

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