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Refer a Patient: Cancer Immunotherapy Toxicity Evaluation (CITE) Program

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Here's how to refer a patient who resides in the United States.

Please note that your patient can schedule an appointment with us before the referral process is complete. Ask your patient to call the clinic, and we'll get things started.

For providers who occasionally refer patients to UCSF

Option 1. Complete and submit this form online:

Option 2. Download our referral form as a PDF, complete it, and fax it to the clinic:

For providers who regularly refer patients to UCSF

Use MD Link, a secure portal that allows you to easily refer patients to UCSF Health and stay connected to their care.

If you need assistance with a referral, call the Cancer Services Referral Center at (877) 827-3226. If you have other questions, please contact the program at the number above.

When to refer a patient to the Cancer Immunotherapy Toxicity Evaluation (CITE) Program

Patients on an immunotherapy regimen for cancer who are experiencing complex or treatment-resistant side effects are eligible for referral.

This includes patients with:

  • Side effects that require an interruption of immunotherapy treatment
  • Side effects that make them interested in or eligible for clinical trials run by CITE
  • Immune-related toxicities that resist standard treatment
  • Chronic immune-related toxicities that could benefit from the CITE Program’s team of subspecialists
  • Interest in obtaining second opinions or more information on managing side effects from immunotherapies

Immunotherapy side effects may not appear until a patient is several weeks into treatment, and some persist after the treatment course is complete. CITE doctors work in partnership with referring providers and can provide care until side effects resolve or are stabilized.

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