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Refer a Patient: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Center of Excellence

Contact Us

(415) 353-2507
(415) 353-2530

Please gather the following materials and fax them to us:

  • A completed UCSF referral form
  • Patient's demographic information
  • Photo of patient's insurance card (front and back)
  • Serum creatinine values (such as BUN, creatinine, eGFR, CO2, serum potassium, serum sodium, and glucose) from within the past three months
  • Previous nephrologist's notes, if patient has seen one
  • Renal imaging on a CD and results (MRI, CT or ultrasound)

Please check if the patient's insurance requires an authorization/RAF/PCP referral and fax the appropriate documents to our new patient fax line at (415) 353-2530. Use CPT code 99205 if authorization is needed. If no authorization/RAF/PCP referral form is required, please indicate this.

If you need assistance, give us a call.

Clinical Trials

We're currently enrolling patients for two clinical trials on ADPKD, listed below. To have a patient evaluated for eligibility, use the new patient referral process outlined above.

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