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Achilles Tendon Rupture

A rupture of the Achilles tendon is a complete or partial tear of the tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Usually this occurs just above where the tendon attaches to the heel bone, although it can happen anywhere along the tendon.

Achilles tendons may tear when people who are usually sedentary and have weakened tendons engage in strenuous activity. Tears can also occur in people who have had previous chronic injury to their Achilles tendons. Tendon injuries can be caused by overuse, improper stretching habits, worn-out or improperly fitting shoes, and poor biomechanics (flat-feet). The risk of tendon rupture is also increased with the use of quinolone antibiotics (e.g. ciprofloxacin, Levaquin).

Our Approach to Achilles Tendon Rupture

The treatment for a torn Achilles tendon is usually surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon stitches the ends of the torn tendon together. If the tendon is badly damaged, the surgeon may use another tendon to reinforce the repair.

Our team includes highly trained orthopedic surgeons who specialize in repairing the small tendons and bones of the ankle and foot. Our goals are to relieve pain and restore mobility, so patients can return to their normal lives and the activities they enjoy. We offer surgical and follow-up care, medical imaging and physical therapy services one convenient location.

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