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Amy (Meg) M. Autry


Obstetrician and gynecologist
Army veteran and strong advocate for reproductive health

Dr. Amy (Meg) Autry is an obstetrician and gynecologist who cares for pregnant women as well as women with a broad range of gynecological problems.

Autry received her medical training at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at UCSF.

Autry is the vice chair of graduate medical education and continuing medical education for the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.

  • Education

    Wake Forest School of Medicine, 1989

  • Residencies

    UCSF Medical Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1993

  • Board Certifications

    Obstetrics and Gynecology, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Academic Title


I try to provide recommendations based on current research and develop personal relationships with patients so they can make informed choices.

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    Apr 11, 2022
    Dr Autry answered all my questions and was very patient and kind in the care she provided me. She is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced and put my mind at ease.
    Feb 17, 2022
    I felt judged by Dr. Autry with regards to my birth plan. She did not seem willing to understand my point of view and was quick to point out that she thought it was "interesting that people who are normally rational decision makers do not always exercise the same logic when it comes to giving birth." I did not feel a genuine connection with her and am very happy with my decision to change OBs.
    Feb 16, 2022
    Dr. Autry was kind caring and considerate. She was incredibly patient and answered all of my questions clearly and thoroughly. She took the time to make sure I was comfortable and that I fully understood all of her advice. She gave me very clear recommendations on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Dr. Autry and cannot wait to see her again on my next appointment.
    Dec 02, 2021
    I felt upset after my visit because I found some of the the provider's responses harsh and not specific to my particular history/situation/needs. Specifically when I asked about the possibility of requesting that my stitches not be done by a resident she told me that if I didn't want stitches done by a resident I should go somewhere other than UCSF. This felt harsh because I delivered my first child at UCSF and generally have a very positive opinion of it and am now 32 weeks pregnant and very much enmeshed in the UCSF system. I understand that UCSF is a teaching hospital and my suggestion was not compatible with typical practices there but I think this could have been communicated in a way that was more sensitive and less personally hurtful to me. In addition when I asked about scheduling an optional growth scan which my primary OB had offered in my last visit this provider discouraged me from doing so partly because she was concerned that knowing I have a big baby could negatively influence my mindset about the birth. This felt tone deaf and did not resonate with how I think about birth. I'm an advocate of natural birth and delivered my daughter without pain medications and fully plan to do so again with this pregnancy. Her advice did not appear to take into account my unique history and preferences. Again I think this same message could have been delivered in a way that made me feel more heard and understood. I would prefer not to come out of an OB visit with hurt feelings and will avoid interacting with this provider in the future.
    Nov 23, 2021
    Dr. Autry was oddly dismissive and aggressive during our session. 1) When we informed her we conceived via IVF she seemed judgmental about our choice to use IVF pre-emptively and then went on to insinuate that IVF babies have more health complications than naturally conceived babies. While I understand her job as a doctor is to inform us of risks (no matter how small) she did it in an insensitive way that increased my pregnancy-related anxiety. In addition this information was unhelpful sinc I'm already pregnant with an IVF baby. 2) I and my spouse advocated for our needs and wanting to get an abnormal blood test redone and Dr. Autry was very dismissive about this. She even went so far as to disparage our fertility doctor and say "well he's not God". I was frankly surprised by this unprofessional comment and her pushback towards our request and it made me question her medical judgment and professional demeanor.
    Oct 05, 2021
    My doctor was not my usual doctor that I see but I will definitely be switching to seeing her going forward.
    Apr 01, 2021
    Only issue is not feeling rushed when I have a few questions to still ask after the check-up