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Andrew N. Goldberg


Director, Rhinology and Sinus Surgery

Dr. Andrew N. Goldberg directs the UCSF Division of Rhinology and Sinus Surgery. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery for sinus disorders and related conditions. He is an expert in treating sinus infections, nasal polyps, inverted papillomas (benign tumors inside the nose), cerebrospinal fluid leaks and thyroid eye disease. He also performs surgery to treat sleep apnea.

Goldberg's research includes the study of sinus infection, microbial ecology of the sinuses and the microbiome and sleep apnea's impact on quality of life.

Goldberg earned his medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Eye & Ear Foundation of Pittsburgh. He earned a master's degree in clinical epidemiology and completed a fellowship in the clinical epidemiology of cancer at the University of Pennsylvania.

Goldberg is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

  • Education

    Boston University School of Medicine, 1985

  • Residencies

    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Otolaryngology, 1990

  • Fellowships

    Penn Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology, 2003

  • Board Certifications

    Otolaryngology, American Board of Otolaryngology

  • Academic Title


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    Overall Experience
    179 Ratings
    About our process
    Feb 05, 2023
    Excellent professional kind and caring. I couldn't be more pleased with Dr Goldberg and his expertise knowledge in this field of medicine.
    Jan 27, 2023
    Dr. Is very informative.
    Jan 19, 2023
    Excellent Care.
    Jan 12, 2023
    Dr Goldberg changed my life with his diagnosis and work. The last decade my quality of life has been great thanks to him.
    Jan 05, 2023
    Dr. Goldberg is an impeccable provider!
    Dec 17, 2022
    Excellent post-op visit.
    Dec 01, 2022
    I've met Dr Goldberg before and again he was kind congenial attentive and informative. Very good visit
    Dec 01, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is a shining example of a patient- and mission-oriented modern physician! Thank you!
    Nov 17, 2022
    I mentioned a few concerns and don't feel like they were all addressed by the dr. I prefer a more warm bedside manner
    Nov 03, 2022
    Dr Goldberg is the best.
    Oct 20, 2022
    I would love (all) my doc(s) to actually take two minutes before they leave the room at the end of the visit to ask me if I might have any questions.Visits with high-level specialists are filled with details and new information oftimes I am still processing when they (doc and resident) are up and gone. To pause briefly - just long enough to pose the question - would be really deeply appreciated!
    Oct 18, 2022
    So far so good
    Oct 14, 2022
    Dr Goldberg is my favorite UCSF provider
    Oct 13, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is in my opinion one of the best Doctors in the world! Saved my life with the 3 surgeries I had back in 2005 2006 & 2010. Plus all the follow-up treatments and visits. I've been blessed & lucky to have him assigned to me since the start of my sinusitis issues in 2005. Don't ever let him get away from your clinic!
    Oct 08, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is the best! He was my surgeon in 2008 and is still the best doctor I have seen over many years.
    Oct 04, 2022
    Have and will continue to highly recommend Dr Goldberg to anyone who needs a skilled surgeon with excellent communication skills and compassion
    Oct 04, 2022
    Dr Goldberg and his team are awesome!
    Sep 29, 2022
    Dr was awesome.
    Sep 02, 2022
    Dr Goldberg is amazing. He gives you an excellent explanation on how and what he's trying to find out. He shares his thought and details of options for the best possible outcome. Very patient and friendly.
    Aug 19, 2022
    Dr Goldberg is the best.
    Aug 18, 2022
    The resident who saw me at the beginning of my visit along with someone else in training who was not identified did not identify herself as a resident. She was extremely nervous and shaky especially while performing the exam. This made me feel really uncomfortable. I also would have liked someone to ask me if it was okay to see a resident.
    Aug 06, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg and his team area 10 star practice group!!!
    Aug 06, 2022
    Wait time is only problem. Always one hour after scheduled appt.
    Aug 04, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is excellent and very knowledgeable at his profession. He makes you feel very special and cares about your overall well-being. I trust him and am so blessed to be in his care.
    Jul 26, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is extremely personable and always includes me in decisions about my treatment. I always feel like I'm receiving the best care possible.
    Jul 08, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is the best. He listens to my concerns. He is caring
    Jun 09, 2022
    Verbal and written instructions.
    Apr 21, 2022
    I have already talked to children and siblings about Dr. Goldberg and HHT treatments.
    Mar 20, 2022
    Dr Goldberg is always courteous caring inclusive in all aspects of my case in discussing options treatments etc.
    Mar 10, 2022
    I don't know how to make a follow-up appointment.
    Mar 03, 2022
    I got out knowing what I should do but no clear idea what my next actions should be. Call someone? Wait for a call? Wait for a message? Talk to my referring doctor again?
    Feb 08, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is the best. His care changed my life for the better.
    Jan 27, 2022
    The best thing can say and thus isno small thing difn't get oversold on anything which happens in some settings. still have maxillofacial nbness ocular disorderbut they did remove some stitcheson my request. Permanent stitches removed and dissolving stitches shortened.
    Jan 23, 2022
    Dr Goldberg is the best of the best
    Jan 20, 2022
    Dr. Goldberg is great at explaining procedures and next steps. I feel very confident with him.
    Dec 14, 2021
    I could not be happier with my doctor! He is patience and really hears what I'm concerned about and always will advise me and encourages me to send messages if I have additional questions. I trust him completely for my care.
    Sep 13, 2021
    Dr. Andrew Goldberg is a remarkable physician and surgeon! He is very kind to take the time to show me his endoscopic exam. I am feeling so much better and am very grateful that he is my doctor.
    Sep 13, 2021
    One of the most informative providers ever. Those sparkling blue eyes don't hurt either. Excellent Intern as well.
    Sep 10, 2021
    Dr. Goldberg has always made it clear to me what care he is providing and discusses the best plan of treatment including requesting me to send him a message with updates. I know exactly what he is doing during my visits. Best treating doctor I've had for my problem.
    Jul 29, 2021
    Dr. Andrew Goldberg is an excellent physician with the best human soul. Make me feel at easy with my diagnosis and treatment options. Thanks so much.
    Jul 29, 2021
    Dr Goldberg is absolutely the best!
    Jul 01, 2021
    Dr. Goldberg is my ENT and he has always included me in every step of my care and surgery. Now all the appointments are following my progress and it's wonderful to be included in all the decisions on what he feels is best for me. I'm really grateful for his time and expertise.
    Jun 11, 2021
    Again excellent care provided by Dr Goldberg! Can't imagine the impact of COVID-19 on this department despite the pandemic wonderful medical treatment was provided.
    Jun 03, 2021
    May 18, 2021
    My doctor is a specialist and makes sure I know what our next steps are going to be and encourages me to send a message if I have a question. He really makes the time to explain what he's going to be doing.
    May 15, 2021
    Dr. Goldberg was always incredibly professional helpful and comforting during every visit I had with him whether virtual or in person. He has always thoroughly explained everything and offered advice and feedback for my questions.

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