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Benjamin N. Breyer


Urologic surgeon
Chair, Department of Urology
Dedicated to urinary and sexual health in men

Dr. Benjamin Breyer is a urologic surgeon who specializes in complex urethral and penile reconstruction, male incontinence, male fistulas and surgery for erectile dysfunction.

Breyer's research has been federally supported and focuses on the epidemiology (the study of which populations are affected by diseases, factors affecting outcomes and related matters) of sexual dysfunction and lower urinary tract disorders. He also studies urologic trauma and surgical repair of the urinary tract. He has authored or co-authored more than 350 articles and book chapters.

Breyer earned his medical degree from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. At UCSF, he completed a residency in urology, followed by a fellowship in male genitourinary reconstruction and trauma. He also earned his master of advanced study degree in clinical research at UCSF.

  • Education

    University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, 2003

  • Fellowships

    UCSF, Male Genitourinary Trauma and Reconstruction, 2011

  • Board Certifications

    Urology, American Board of Urology

  • Academic Title


I treat my patients like family, seeking to be an ally and advocate. I help them improve their urinary and sexual wellness after cancer or trauma.

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    Overall Experience
    471 Ratings
    About our process
    Nov 30, 2023
    Dr. Breyer is exceptionally skilled and I am confident that he is committed to my health success.
    Nov 30, 2023
    Dr Breyer is always friendly knowledgeable helpful & listens to my concerns. I never feel rushed.
    Nov 19, 2023
    Initially difficult to make connection. HoweverDr. Breyer personally called me a few days later to discuss my concerns.
    Nov 17, 2023
    Really great care provided.
    Nov 15, 2023
    Great IPAD manner
    Nov 13, 2023
    Thanks Dr. Breyer!
    Oct 24, 2023
    It was a very difficult conversation handled with great professionalism and grace. I am so thankful for the team at UCSF
    Oct 19, 2023
    The Doctor had prior knowledge of my issue and that is what he was looking for. He explained his thoughts to me.
    Oct 18, 2023
    Dr Breyer was very concise in his explanation of procedures and was extremely courteous and polite and listened well and answered all of my questions and concerns
    Oct 05, 2023
    My providers at UCSF are excellent!
    Oct 05, 2023
    Dr. Breyer is the best.
    Oct 03, 2023
    Very pleased with Dr. Breyer and his staff.
    Sep 28, 2023
    Dr. Breyer has changed my life I am thankful and lucky to have him as my Doctor.
    Sep 27, 2023
    He is very professional answered all my questions.Excellent bedside manners.
    Aug 29, 2023
    Great guy and professional
    Aug 22, 2023
    Entire staff is very good very professional made you feel very relaxed explained everything thoroughly
    Aug 17, 2023
    Dr Breyer listened to me and made me feel that he cares about my problem
    Aug 15, 2023
    Dr Breyer the best
    Aug 07, 2023
    CARE outstanding!
    Aug 02, 2023
    Seeing DR. Breyer for over 0 years. He is knowledgeable and also very good in listening and communication . Delighted to work with him
    Aug 02, 2023
    Great Dr. Very professional knowledgeable and helpful.
    Jul 26, 2023
    Good experience.
    Jul 18, 2023
    The experience was a good one.
    Jul 18, 2023
    Dr Breyer is professional & attentive. His care is exceptional
    Jul 05, 2023
    Yes I would recommend you UCSF urology to any guy then is dealing with problems with ET
    Jul 03, 2023
    Very satisfied
    Jun 29, 2023
    I was have naked and someone else was allowed into the room. No explanation as to why he was there and it was very uncomfortable for me.
    Jun 06, 2023
    Very good experience overall.
    Jun 06, 2023
    Very very very good
    Jun 06, 2023
    Dr. Breyer is highly skilled experienced smart. I don't feel like he's engaged with how I feel about my problem or he's not letting me know that he is. He seems to evade giving precise answers to my precise questions. I'm trying to be involved with my care to be prepared for a visit to make the right decisions and take responsibility for the outcome. I've brought up issues and Dr Breyer doesn't seem to address them directly. It comes across as evasive I do think he mentally processing what I'm saying he's just not overtly showing concern.
    May 27, 2023
    I understood everything the Dr had to say about my condition .
    May 25, 2023
    Prostate cancer surgery cut the rectum and it is really annoying to hang a outside the body for three months.
    May 23, 2023
    Dr Breyer was helpful knowledgeable & friendly. He knew my history & clearly had reviewed my history.
    Apr 28, 2023
    After discussing SSRIs was not informed on the effect of NSRIs.
    Apr 23, 2023
    Once logged in the experience was very good and well presented. All questions are answered.
    Apr 18, 2023
    I believe that Dr. Breyer is a very good caring intelligent surgeon. But I wish the initial surgery had been more successful.
    Apr 07, 2023
    Dr. B had an intern w/ him. They examined me. Discussed and asked questions. We talked about risks and are optimistic re: outcome. Dr. B mentioned the complexity of issues. Bad results of earlier surgery. Possibility of opening above and below previous surgical site to remedy.
    Mar 31, 2023
    Dr. Breyer listened to my issues and past history and correctly assessed that my problems were likely linked to pinched nerves in my lumbar region. He ha referred me to a specialist in that area.
    Mar 22, 2023
    Dr Breyer is the best.
    Mar 12, 2023
    When I got home there was a prescription waiting for me at my pharmacy the next day that I wasn't expecting. A quick message soon addressed the issue and my concerns.
    Mar 07, 2023
    The Dr was awesome just like the old country Dr!!!
    Feb 28, 2023
    Dr. Breyer and his team were excellent and very knowledgeable about my condition and options for future treatment.
    Feb 28, 2023
    Dr. Breyer has been the most courteous informative and caring physician
    Feb 21, 2023
    Very easy to talk with about personal information.
    Feb 17, 2023
    Dr Breyer is an excellent physician. He understands my problems & how best to help.
    Feb 17, 2023
    Most excellent meeting and Doctor
    Feb 03, 2023
    Very knowledgeable caring and professional provider.
    Jan 31, 2023
    Dr. Is an excellent listener which was very important to me because I was seeing him for a second opinion and I wanted to explain my concerns including specifics w/o criticizing the urologist who did the 'sling' procedure.
    Jan 25, 2023
    Breyer is an affable fellow. After seeing him for five years aside from one attempted remedy can't say any noticeable improvement/progress has taken place ; perhaps there is nothing can be done ? ? ?
    Jan 05, 2023
    Everything was great except the actual care was scheduled for a month in the future. That's a long time to wait for cancer treatment. The doctor mentioned "time is of the essence" which I appreciated but I am concerned about giving cancer a month to progress.
    Dec 31, 2022
    I don't know what the problem is. Urology seems completely uninterested in me & my problems.
    Dec 29, 2022
    Dr. Breyer was like talking to a family member as far as his concern and empathy for my condition. Awesome
    Dec 29, 2022
    Dr Breyer was patient knowledgeable and pragmatic. Excellent advice.
    Dec 24, 2022
    Dr Breyer was as expected. He provided excellent concern and care.
    Dec 20, 2022
    I encountered difficulties getting an appointment but Dr. Breyer the staff and nurses were all very good.
    Dec 06, 2022
    Dr Breyer practices the highest standards of community care in his specialty and in medicine Outstanding surgeon with excellent clinical results
    Nov 22, 2022
    He is excellent.
    Nov 05, 2022
    Our conversation was primarily about the risks and realistic outcome. I don't think I asked any questions regarding the follow up
    Oct 31, 2022
    He is one of the only doctor's who does certain surgeries in the area so not many other options. He has a good reputation as a surgeon but that doesn't make him personable or have a great bedside manner.
    Oct 27, 2022
    Dr. Breyer Is the best and my wife agrees.
    Oct 25, 2022
    Dr Breyer provides the highest community standard of care. He has consistently made clinicinpatient and telemed treatment as easy and relaxing as possible.Dr Breyer seems confident and caring In all clinical settings.
    Oct 19, 2022
    On top of it all
    Sep 28, 2022
    Dr Breyer is a fantastic doctor and caregiver .
    Sep 27, 2022
    Dr. Breyer is OUTSTANDING
    Sep 06, 2022
    Everyone was eager to satisfy my ongoing issues to my complete satisfaction .
    Aug 25, 2022
    Everyone was very professions and spoke in a manner that one could understand everthing.
    Aug 14, 2022
    Dr. Breyer is the BEST!
    Aug 13, 2022
    Dr. Breyer is an outstanding surgeon.
    Aug 13, 2022
    Explain things very well very easy to talk to
    Aug 10, 2022
    Dr. Benjamin Breyer is the best.
    Aug 09, 2022
    Answered all my questions well
    Aug 01, 2022
    Physical examination is required
    May 31, 2022
    The way this team expresses compassion while demonstrating clinical excellence and efficiency Is the gold standard
    May 26, 2022
    Excellent service no complains
    May 20, 2022
    Dr.Breyer was wonderful. Couldn't have had a better Dr.
    May 03, 2022
    Rather passive. I had to ask leading questions to get a substantive reply
    Apr 21, 2022
    Dr Breyer appears to be a very compassionate person. He seems genuinely concerned for me and as someone who is immersed in the healthcare system I really appreciate it.
    Apr 11, 2022
    Beyond compare. Caring and knowledgeable in every way.
    Mar 29, 2022
    Dr. Shaw the fellow was excellent and very informative professional and timely.
    Mar 10, 2022
    Dr. Breyer clearly explained the proposed surgery to address my Peyronie's disease including the risks benefits preparation and recovery. I left the appointment confident that the proposed surgery was the right solution and that Dr. Breyer was the one to do it.
    Feb 11, 2022
    Breyer is the best doctor I have seen
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