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Caroline Castillo


Family physician

Dr. Caroline Castillo is a family physician who provides primary care to women. She specializes in maternal and child health and in high-risk pregnancies.

Castillo earned her medical degree from Weill Cornell Medical College. She completed a residency in family and community medicine at UCSF, followed by a fellowship in maternal and child health at PCC Community Wellness Center.

Outside of work, Castillo's interests include ultimate Frisbee, bicycling and architecture.

  • Education

    Weill Cornell Medical College, 2010

  • Residencies

    UCSF, Family and Community Medicine, 2013

  • Fellowships

    PCC Community Wellness Center, Maternal and Child Health, 2014

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    160 Ratings
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    Nov 22, 2023
    Dr Castillo is amazing. The best PCP I have had by a mile! She is always attentive to my questions and concerns. She exudes empathy and compassion and patience to listen and provide thoughtful support and guidance.Fantastic provider!
    Nov 15, 2023
    I am a UC employee and Dr. Castillo came up in multiple different conversations/contexts this week. Every person I interacted with has a shared reaction of "oh yes she is outstanding". I truly cannot overstate the positive impact of her clinical/ interpersonal skill and ability to consistently demonstrate genuine care. She is obviously an outstanding physician who is up-to-date on the science of medicine - but it is her exceptional clinical skill that stands out beyond most other physicians.
    Nov 10, 2023
    Dr Castillo is fantastic
    Nov 05, 2023
    The only negative thing was I was not informed that the lab test required a urine sample as well as blood drawn. I usually just get the blood drawn. I don't mind doing a urine test at all. The problem was I went to the bathroom immediately after seeing the doctor as it had been 2 hours since I last did that so needed to. When I arrived at the Lab 5 minutes later that's when I learned that a urine test had been ordered. If I had known that before I wouldn't have gone to the bathroom until after the lab work was done. I will have to return another day with the urine sample. I did get the blood test done but it would have been nice to have both the blood and urine tests done after my appointment. My friendly suggestion is to specify the type of lab tests. I just assumed it was the usual blood draw and didn't even think to ask if there was a urine test. Now I know to ask.
    Nov 04, 2023
    Very good
    Oct 30, 2023
    One of a kind Dr Castillo is the best not only is she thorough she cares about the patient and makes sure before you leave that you understand everything that's going on
    Oct 16, 2023
    She's just wonderful once we can get a hold of her.
    Oct 06, 2023
    Sep 24, 2023
    My experience was exceptional. Dr. Castillo is clearly a very knowledgeable physician - but I especially appreciate her clinical and interpersonal strength. She was able to take a nuanced approach to my care and I truly appreciate it.
    Sep 15, 2023
    Dr. Castillo is one of the best primary care doctors I've ever had. She's a good listener and is open to all questions and suggestions. She also makes you feel that she genuinely cares about your problems.
    Sep 13, 2023
    Excellent care. Thank you
    Sep 11, 2023
    Dr. Castillo is incredible! Thoughtful good listener and emphatic
    Sep 02, 2023
    Dr. Castillo was genuine in her approach to talking about my concerns. I felt really comfortable and walked away feeling like I had all my concerns addressed and a good plan for what to do next.
    Aug 30, 2023
    Dr. Castillo listens exams carefully to make approprite tests actions recomemded
    Aug 25, 2023
    Aug 17, 2023
    Dr. Castillo listened to me and communicated well. She was efficient and thorough. I appreciate that she partners well with her medical assistant.
    Aug 16, 2023
    Dr. Castillo is amazing. I have never had a doctor before who really remembered me and listened so well. Nor have I ever had a doctor I'm so comfortable discussing my health with. I feel so completely heard and seen and cared for. Dr. Castillo is truly an outstanding doctor. I can't say enough good things about her or the care I'm receiving. Thank you Dr. Castillo!
    Aug 03, 2023
    She did not seem capable to the fullest ability
    Jun 15, 2023
    Dr Castillo listen to my concerns and made me feel comfortable. She also provided resources for mental health which I think is great and more doctors should be talking with patients
    Jun 10, 2023
    Dr. Castillo is extremely warm a great listener and overall a really kind doctor. She never makes me feel rushed.
    May 25, 2023
    Se Castillo is the best!!
    May 25, 2023
    Dr. Castillo was absolutely wonderful in all of the above categories
    May 13, 2023
    Dr Caroline is one of the best.
    May 06, 2023
    Dr. Castillo is very empathetic and a great listener. She also offers solutions.
    Apr 14, 2023
    Dr Castillo is fantastic.
    Apr 08, 2023
    This was the best doctor/patient experience I have had. Dr. Castillo patiently listened to all my concerns and questions. She answered in an empathetic and knowledgeable way. She laid out a care plan going forward. I felt heard and cared for.
    Mar 11, 2023
    The UCSF system is extremely hard to navigate. Nearly impossible to reach humans. Providers can't possibly know patients. Patients have little chance of having a productive relationship with patient.
    Mar 02, 2023
    Feb 11, 2023
    I could not be any happier with the care I receive from Dr. Castillo. She is thorough responsive and compassionate be on measure. I am so grateful.
    Feb 08, 2023
    This was the best doctors visit I have ever had. The doctor listened made recommendations and included me in decisions in a way I have not had before. Spectacular physician. Thank you!
    Jan 23, 2023
    Dr Castillo is an exceptional physician. She certainly has all of the up-to-date foundational knowledge - in addition to that she is able to integrate the information with the present visit + relevant past history and her interpersonal style makes it clear that she is listening and genuinely cares
    Jan 07, 2023
    I am so grateful that Dr Castillo is my PCP! She is empathetic an incredible listener and truly cares about my health and well-being. She is thorough and curious and provides outstanding care.
    Dec 01, 2022
    Dr Castillo is incredible I feel so lucky to have such a smart thorough and caring PCP!
    Nov 23, 2022
    Dr Castillo is one of the best doctors I've ever had. She is a combination of skillful knowledgeable and has a wonderful bedside manner. I am very grateful for her service and hope that she stays at UCSF!
    Nov 18, 2022
    The doctor was very thorough and considerate.
    Nov 03, 2022
    Excellent and compassionate care by Dr.Castillo. I am thrilled that she is my PCP.
    Nov 03, 2022
    I had such a wonderful appointment probably one of the most pleasant and engaging. Dr. Caroline Castillo was very pleasant nice caring interested engaging all the stuff you want for a PCP to think she is not my designated PCP. Wonderful addition to the team. Thank you
    Oct 23, 2022
    Dr.Castillo is an excellent provider. She listens and gives reassuring advice. She is caring and works together with the patient.She is very professional and caring. One of the best doctors I have had.
    Oct 23, 2022
    Dr Castillo is fabulous
    Oct 22, 2022
    Kind calm and considerate. Apologized for delay quickly answered some questions about a health concern superficially. Did not ask to see my bp log or discussed my recent lab exams. She seemed a bit rushed. We discussed doing some exams that never appeared on MyChart for scheduling.
    Oct 21, 2022
    I waited nearly 40 minutes before being seen this week. The previous visit' wait time (a few weeks ago) was nearly 1 hour.
    Oct 19, 2022
    Dr Castillo is amazing - so thoughtful caring good listener professional and highly skilled. She is my favorite in the practice.
    Oct 17, 2022
    Dr Castillo is caring riendky knowledgable efficient and a good communicator.
    Oct 14, 2022
    Dr. Castillo continues to provide excellent care. I had several issues to discuss with her and she was engaged and patient. She Is super knowledgeable offered very good advice and positively reinforced things I'm doing to take care of myself. She is very friendly compassionate down to earth and easy to talk to. I was very satisfied with my visit and am so glad she is my primary care provider as she sincerely cares about my health and wellbeing. I appreciate her ordering a bone density test. Please give her a raise as she deserves it. People like her are very rare these days.
    Sep 27, 2022
    Dr Castillo is warm and thorough.
    Sep 22, 2022
    Felt rushed asked no questions about my tinnitus didn't manipulate my hip joint at all.
    Sep 18, 2022
    I LOVE Dr Castillo. She is kind open and listens to me. She is flexible and patient centered. Past PAP exams have been excruciatingly painful. Dr C used a mini speculum which I never knew I could ask for and it made the procedure comfortable. Amazing. She cares about her patients - I have lost other great docs like her. I hope she remains in the practice. She is a gem.
    Sep 18, 2022
    She is knowledgeable relatable competent friendly and trustworthy.
    Sep 10, 2022
    Dr. Caroline Castillo is an excellent provider and was very attentive to my needs.
    Sep 06, 2022
    Thank you for taking care of me beyond professional Dr Castillo's support.
    Sep 06, 2022
    Dr. Castillo is amazing and so kind!
    Aug 21, 2022
    Extremely attentive excellent listener empathetic and kind.

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