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Caroline M. Schlocker


Award-winning teacher and lifelong learner

About me

Pronouns: She | Her | Hers

Dr. Caroline M. Schlocker is an otolaryngologist who cares for patients with ear, nose and throat conditions. Her expertise in ear care includes performing surgery to correct surfer's ear (abnormal bone growth in the ear canal), to fix abnormalities of the eardrum and ossicles (tiny bones in the middle ear) and to implant bone-anchored hearing aids. She also treats nasal problems, including obstructions caused by chronic sinus disease or injuries to the nose, and throat conditions, such as enlarged tonsils or masses in the neck.

Schlocker has special expertise in treating dizziness related to migraine headaches and mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). She provides botulinum toxin (Botox) therapy for migraines, temporomandibular joint-related pain and facial spasms, as well as for cosmetic purposes.

In her research, Schlocker explores the use of virtual reality rehabilitation for vestibular problems that hinder balance and spatial awareness. She also studies opioid use after otolaryngology surgery, diagnostic strategies for mild TBI, and emergency airway interventions used outside of the hospital by advanced first responders.

Schlocker earned her medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. She completed a residency in otolaryngology at the Naval Medical Center San Diego and a fellowship in otology at the California Ear Institute.

A lifelong learner, Schlocker has a particular interest in training medical students and residents. In 2019, she was voted Teacher of the Year by the otolaryngology residents at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. The daughter of Navy veterans, she has lived in many countries and particularly treasured her time in Japan. During her own career in the U.S. Navy, she served aboard an aircraft carrier and a hospital ship. When not working, she enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

  • Education

    F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University, MD, 2006

  • Residencies

    Naval Medical Center San Diego, Otolaryngology, 2013

  • Fellowships

    California Ear Institute, Otology, 2016

Each patient has a full, complex life outside of being a patient. My goal is to partner with patients to enhance and restore their quality of life.

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    Overall Experience
    207 Ratings
    About our process
    Nov 23, 2023
    Provider explained in understandable terms my condition and how to improved it. As well as providing some treatment.
    Nov 20, 2023
    Dr Schlocker took care and time to listen to me. She did an excellent job with my treatment and follow up Dr Schlocker is an excellent physician.
    Nov 02, 2023
    Dr S was knowledgeable fast efficient! She spent enough time w me and I got all my questions addressed. I left a happy patient - with clean ears!! I will certainly refer my friends /family to her!
    Oct 27, 2023
    Cannot ask for more Dr Is very pleasant very Informative and knows what she Is talking about
    Oct 24, 2023
    Best experience ever!
    Oct 24, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker is very thorough and took her time to answer my questions and concerns.
    Oct 21, 2023
    I had the best experience with all the stuff at this clinic
    Oct 20, 2023
    Dr Schlocker was great. I had some trepidation about my hearing problems. I didn't understand what was happening with the loss of hearing on my left side. . She explained It to me and showed me images of my brain's hearing areas which allayed my fears of future surgery. That was mentioned else where to me.
    Oct 15, 2023
    She was awesome. I wish every doctor was like Dr. Schlocker.
    Oct 10, 2023
    Very pleased with Dr Schlocker. I was happy to have a diagnosis for my complaints. She was friendly and thorough.
    Oct 01, 2023
    I could tell Dr. Schlocker took the time to review my chart before starting the appointment.
    Sep 29, 2023
    Excellent doc! Took her time to explain issues with me. Would highly recommend her.
    Sep 27, 2023
    Wonderful provider and very caring
    Sep 19, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker is the BEST!
    Sep 06, 2023
    Excellent attention from Dr Schlocker. I would have appreciated better explanation of side effects from prescribed medication.
    Sep 03, 2023
    Doc was awesome simple as that.
    Sep 02, 2023
    I loved Dr. Schlocker and would definitely recommend her to others
    Aug 26, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker is wonderful. She never seems rushed and I feel listened to and like a good outcome for me is very important to her.
    Aug 19, 2023
    Good very nice doctor
    Aug 15, 2023
    Dr Caroline was really wonderful
    Aug 12, 2023
    She is an amazing doctor and a human being
    Aug 03, 2023
    Loved this provider
    Jul 31, 2023
    Dr Schlocker is wonderful. She was easy to talk with explained everything in depth in a very understandable manner and showed interest in my overall health.
    Jul 23, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker was amazing. Kind thorough approachable warm thoughtful. Did the procedure without meds per my comfort. I very much enjoyed my visit with her.
    Jul 22, 2023
    She's great!
    Jul 22, 2023
    I want to make her my primary ENT.
    Jul 21, 2023
    Excellent and informative instructions and procedure of what she will do to me
    Jul 20, 2023
    Overall excellent experience at the clinic and Dr S has one of the best personable manners I've encountered recently and I've been seeing a lot of doctors lately.
    Jun 15, 2023
    Felt very comfortable
    Jun 04, 2023
    Great service
    Jun 02, 2023
    Really impressed! So compassionate and let her personality show! Wasn't just the typical courteous obligatory nice.
    May 12, 2023
    Exceptionally detailed and informative
    May 09, 2023
    Dr Schlocker is outstanding. Personable thorough good listener empathetic and provided clear possible options
    Apr 25, 2023
    My doctor was EXCEPTIONALLY attentive kind and informative. Wonderful doctor
    Apr 21, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker was amazing. By far one of the best doctors I've ever seen. I've seen several doctors about this problem and she was far more knowledgeable about it than any other doctor yet. She also took the time to explain everything clearly to me and was empathetic to me as a person.
    Apr 21, 2023
    She listened to me and and explained things very thoroughly. I'm so glad I decided to go with UCSF!
    Apr 08, 2023
    I'm 2 hours away from the provider. But if I knew someone in the provider's area I would recommend them to this provider.
    Apr 05, 2023
    Very friendly to clarify my concerns and questions. Good provider.
    Mar 17, 2023
    The scheduler changed the appt time in. Less than 24 hr notice. I was told the an error was made I lost money on class I signed up for and could not get a defund on short notice.
    Mar 04, 2023
    The care provider cake to the exam room told me she was not going to ask me about my medical problem and into explaining me the results of my tests in probably about 3 minutes then she went directly to tell me that my condition could be treated either taking an anxiety medication or a low blood pressure medication that the treatment could or could not help but only if I did it I would find out. The dr did not even know my medical history or that I was on other medication. I told her did not wanted to take the medication and if there was another approach. Her words were: "what do you expect by coming Into the clinic. You can think of me as the worst MD but medication could help but it depends on the patience for some does not help. Maybe a life style could change change eating habits more exercise but I don't know I am not an MFT or Psychiatrist to take a different approach. I am a MD." She told me she was going to write all that we talked during the visit on my AVS. Then she finalized the appointment within 20 minutes and said "I walked you to the door." I feel so disrespected by her. She said I coud think of her as the worst dor and in fact that it is what I think. Doctors shoud learn to be more emphatetic to ther patients and really care for their health not just prescribe some medication to get out of the appointment. She did not even take the time to read my medical history. I felt she was only guessing if my medical condition was related to some other medical condition. The way she treated me show how much care she show for her patients. Being an MD does not make her better than others. This is one of the worst experiences I had at UCSF
    Mar 03, 2023
    I was really pleased with the care I received.
    Feb 10, 2023
    Excellent by all measures!
    Feb 09, 2023
    Dr. Caroline is awesome I did enjoy the visit.
    Feb 07, 2023
    Dr. Caroline has been awsome and I'm happy to be her patient.
    Feb 07, 2023
    Dr Schlocker was very attentive with my concerns
    Jan 30, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker was incredibly personable and took the time to hear my questions and concerns and fully address them (and every part of my care) in a very thoughtful and patient way.
    Jan 27, 2023
    She was so nice
    Jan 12, 2023
    Dr. Schlocker is friendly and explained my condition medically/scientifically in a way that was easy to understand. She provide the pros & cons of treatments and gave me a roadmap for caring for my health condition.
    Jan 07, 2023
    Dr Schlocker is exceptional
    Dec 13, 2022
    Dr Schlocker took time to listen and problem solve with me
    Dec 10, 2022
    There were things I had not considered when booking the appointment and she went over all of them with a lot of great analysis and information that helped a lot.
    Dec 08, 2022
    Dr Schlocker was great! Explained the different steps during the examination and explained her observations and conclusions. Her explanations were easy to understand.
    Nov 17, 2022
    Dr Schlocker is outstanding. Caring smart experienced
    Nov 08, 2022
    I really enjoy this doctor. I wish they were all like her.
    Nov 06, 2022
    Dr. Schlocker is the best ENT I have ever encountered I have seen several in my life time.
    Nov 04, 2022
    I felt the doctor was excellent in every way
    Nov 04, 2022
    I have already stated telling everyone I know who may need to see this type of doctor to go the one I saw here. For the first time I actually wanted to m ask another appointment and come back! Lol
    Nov 01, 2022
    All the staff were super friendly and knowledgeable! I'd recommend them in the future!
    Oct 04, 2022
    Dr. Schlocker is very prompt in responding. Weekday or Weekend.
    Oct 01, 2022
    Dr. Schlocker was excellent! I am a physician and I was very impressed by her clinical knowledge.
    Sep 12, 2022
    To my surprise the doctor could not offer any options to treat my condition. I was looking for state-of-the-art medicine but did not find it here.
    Sep 09, 2022
    Dr Caroline m schlocker is super excellent. She performed above and beyond my expectation.
    Sep 09, 2022
    Very nice & sweet dr. She listened 2 all my concerns
    Aug 25, 2022
    I am grateful to be under the care of Dr. Schlocker. She was thorough a clear communicator good listener seemed knowledgeable and intelligent responsive and had a friendly and positive demeanor.
    Aug 19, 2022
    Everyone at this clinic were very professional welcoming and efficient!