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Igor Immerman


Orthopedic surgeon
Father, husband, traveler and outdoor enthusiast

Dr. Igor Immerman is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand and upper limb surgeries, including those of the hands, wrists, elbows and peripheral nerves, including the brachial plexus. With a commitment to providing individualized care, he spends time getting to know every patient and working in partnership with patients to choose the best treatment, whether surgical or nonsurgical, for the specific situation.

Immerman's research focuses on using large national databases to determine trends and outcomes for a variety of upper-extremity conditions and treatments. He also collaborates with radiologists and plastic surgeons on various clinical research projects.

A native of Russia, Immerman moved to the United States with his family as a child. He earned his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in orthopedic surgery at New York University. He then completed a fellowship in orthopedic surgery of the hand and upper extremity at the University of California, Davis; a fellowship in orthopedic hand surgery at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel; a fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics; and a fellowship in upper extremity surgery at the Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics.

Immerman is a fellow of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He is a member of the Russian American Medical Association and American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

  • Education

    Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2006

  • Fellowships

    UC Davis, Hand and Upper Extremity Orthopedic Surgery, 2013

    Russian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Hand and Microsurgery, 2014

    Hadassah Medical Center, Orthopedic Hand Surgery, 2014

    Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Upper Extremity Surgery, 2014

  • Board Certifications

    Hand Surgery, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

    Orthopaedic Surgery, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

  • Academic Title

    Assistant Professor

I treat each person as a unique person and not by a cookie-cutter approach, so I work with patients to choose the most appropriate treatment.

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    Overall Experience
    352 Ratings
    About our process
    Nov 29, 2023
    Dr. Immerman is exceptional on every level.
    Nov 22, 2023
    Other than his apparent indifference to the thorn being in my hand for over 4 months he seemed confident he could treat the injury
    Nov 22, 2023
    Dr. Immerman and his staff are very responsive very personable and very compassionate and caring. I really appreciate the excellent care I am receiving.
    Nov 18, 2023
    Just adore Igor Immerman
    Nov 18, 2023
    Office visit with doctor was excellent
    Nov 09, 2023
    Dr. Immerman is not only a true professional in his specialty but his ability to interact and communicate effectively is outstanding as well. I feel that I am in very good hands with my care.
    Oct 28, 2023
    I appreciate the genuine support of my UCSF physicians and technicians.
    Oct 26, 2023
    Dr. Immerman is very thoughtful and caring. I would highly recommend him.
    Oct 21, 2023
    Dr.Immerman has been great to work with on my recovery
    Oct 17, 2023
    Dr IMMERMAN is one of the BEST and nicest doctors I've ever worked with
    Oct 17, 2023
    Explain in detail my left Pinky finger is still fragile and healing. Sent x-ray to. My Chart
    Oct 10, 2023
    He didn't seem to really care offer any meaningful options & was not at all open to exploring options that would reduce my pain & discomfort. Just to be clear I am not at all interested in pain medicine. Rather I wanted to try hyperbaric oxygen therapy which he was not at all in support of.
    Oct 08, 2023
    My Doctor is the BEST. Thankful..
    Oct 04, 2023
    Dr Immerman took the time to discuss with me my circumstance; provided my options ; explained the risks and benefits of each option.
    Sep 30, 2023
    Dr Immerman is an excellent physician. Very personable and very skilled and very caring.
    Sep 14, 2023
    Dr. Immerman is fantastic
    Aug 26, 2023
    Excellent service
    Aug 24, 2023
    Best doctors ever !!!
    Aug 22, 2023
    The female surgeon who was training with the surgeon I saw was also wonderful caring helpful and she will be an excellent contribution to this field of medicine!
    Aug 21, 2023
    Doctor was clearly rushed and wanted to get out also. It is something I have been struggling with for years. And he was clearly rushed for the 3 minutes he spent with me.
    Aug 20, 2023
    Dr Immerman is thorough and does an excellent job at making sure I understand. He answered all my questions
    Jul 25, 2023
    Dr. Immerman has an exceptional patient doctor rapport. I felt totally at ease with Dr. Immerman. He is very easy to talk with and explains the medical procedure the patient is facing in layman's terms.
    Jul 25, 2023
    40 min waiting time even though appointment was at 9:15. Otherwise great
    Jul 24, 2023
    It's all the waiting times that are so poor
    Jun 29, 2023
    Jun 27, 2023
    Dr Immerman was very professional listened to my every concern and addressed them all with very good understanding of the issues. He is one of the best Doctors/surgeons I have ever met and I trust him completely.
    Jun 11, 2023
    Courteous attentive caring doctor
    May 25, 2023
    3 business days to return an email through UCSF mychart system is too long. The time is NEVER on the patient's side.
    May 23, 2023
    I was very happy with how Dr. Immerman listen to me considered my questions carefully and gave thoughtful answers that were easy to understand.
    May 20, 2023
    Great experience at UCSF. Clearly a very well run organization
    May 01, 2023
    I was a little put-off by one thing. He made an initial assumption that I was retired. That was annoying. I would've assumed he'd looked at my chart. I am a sr employee of my company and felt a bit disrespected.
    Apr 26, 2023
    Dr. Immerman was clear in his explanation of my options for future treatment. He met my primary goal.
    Apr 18, 2023
    Dr.Immerman has been great
    Apr 01, 2023
    I always recommend this practice to my friends and family!
    Mar 21, 2023
    Dr IMMERMAN is one of the best doctors I've EVER worked with
    Mar 08, 2023
    Dr. Immerman offers very little optimism. It's much harder on me to remain optimistic in a "not so" environment.
    Feb 28, 2023
    I appreciate Dr Immerman's honestly with my current issues. He is a good Doctor He cares about past present & future outlook of my hand issues
    Jan 25, 2023
    He was patient and professional. In fact I need to talk to him again.
    Jan 24, 2023
    My only suggestion is for the provider to always ask patients if they have any questions or concerns before the visit is completed. I asked questions regardless but some people are hesitant to ask or are shy.
    Jan 23, 2023
    Jan 16, 2023
    I love Dr. Immerman! He is truly caring and always prompt and responsive to my questions and concerns.
    Jan 15, 2023
    I thought because I was seeing Dr. Immerman once again for pain that he might be annoyed. Not at all, referring me to pain management. Working in that appt. Now.
    Jan 12, 2023
    Dr Immerman is excellent. One of the best doctors I have ever seen.
    Dec 21, 2022
    Dr IMMERMAN is such an amazing doctor. He's so knowledgeable and communicates incredibly well. I ALWAYS feel seen heard and cared for when I see him. He is also very thorough. When I've had questions on mychart he responds in a very timely manner. I cannot say enough good things about him !
    Dec 20, 2022
    Never met the Doc. I don't wait for scheduled appointments that long; because I am in pain I stayed an hour.Either he is incompetent uncaring arrogant all three or none- which would make your systems and processes at fault.Whatever the excuse unacceptable in the modern world.If I were to blow off a client for an hour past our scheduled time with no explanation I would lose that client and that money.All of this could have been remedied had reception told me he was an hour+ behind. Such horrible patient care and customer service.
    Dec 03, 2022
    Immerman was excellent
    Nov 29, 2022
    Eventhough I had to wait im still extremely happy that im using UCSF health
    Nov 29, 2022
    Doctor was great. He explained to me what I had done to myself outlined the normal course of treatment told me how long the healing process should take gave me some exercises to do and invited me to see him again if my condition did not improve in a timely way.
    Nov 22, 2022
    Dr. Immerman is extremely professional. He is very efficient and very clear with his communication skills.
    Nov 10, 2022
    It's hard to imagine how the experience could've been better
    Nov 06, 2022
    Immerman was pretty gruff
    Nov 01, 2022
    Dr Immerman is a remarkable doctor on on levels of care.
    Oct 29, 2022
    I was first seen by another physician/ surgeon (of equal quality) so only "half" the discussion was with the scheduled physician
    Oct 25, 2022
    Dr Immerman is top notchvery professional
    Oct 18, 2022
    Dr IMMERMAN is such a great communicator. He always makes me feel valued. He's very patient with all of my withAll of my questions
    Sep 21, 2022
    Thank you!
    Sep 21, 2022
    Dr. Immerman was very patient with me. He listened and explained things very well. He put my mind at ease as I wasn't quite sure what was happening with my wrist.
    Sep 02, 2022
    Very good Doctor
    Aug 30, 2022
    I have always gotten the best care here!
    Aug 29, 2022
    Extraordinarily sloppy post-appointment report by transcriber: History erroneously transcribed as multiple surgeries on different days and Included cut-and-clip insert that "patient was told" a list of deleterious outcomes for surgery that were not part of the conversation. Dr Immerman made It clear that understood there are risks to surgery but the report of what transpired was irresponsible by transcriber and not In support of the physician.
    Aug 28, 2022
    Dr. Immerman does an excellent job of explaining all the options and outcomes and I feel very comfortable with his suggestions.
    Aug 23, 2022
    Dr IMMERMAN is an excellent communicator. He always takes time to make sure I understand what's going on. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!
    Aug 23, 2022
    Dr Immerman is simply outstanding on every level
    Aug 16, 2022
    Thank you Dr Immerman.
    Aug 11, 2022
    Excellent. Attentive and thoughtful.
    Aug 09, 2022
    Dr. Immerman is great. He takes good care of my elbow.
    Jul 30, 2022
    This was my first visit
    Jul 30, 2022
    Do not like the location of the Orthopedic Dept in SF. Would like it closer to my home: Richmond district.
    Jul 28, 2022
    I don't think surgeons are generally thought to be friendly and Dr Immerman was not gregarious or chatty but that doesn't mean he's not a good doctor
    Jul 19, 2022
    I was surprised that the MRI Dr. Immerman rush ordered for me was denied by my insurance based on a "lack of medical necessity" and "need to first try exercises or physical therapy". It sounds like the insurance company denied coverage needlessly and getting the scan was in fact medically necessary to review before physical therapy could be recommended. However if the doctor had warned me this might come up or that a prior authorization might be needed I would definitely have called my insurer to confirm that I could get the urgent scan covered and saved myself a heart attack when I got a denial in the mail weeks after the scan had been completed. The doctors office is now working with me to correct or appeal the denial. I wish I could focus on healing but unfortunately the administrative patient burden strikes again.
    Jul 16, 2022
    Very quick.
    Jul 16, 2022
    I have recommended friends here my aunt had back surgery here
    Jun 04, 2022
    I have always gotten the best care here
    May 28, 2022
    The visit left something to be desired there is a certain coldness or indifference.. Check in was a little difficult I could not hear the women she was very a matter of fact. The whole system could use more warmth& comfort for those who need care.
    May 18, 2022
    Dr Immerman is thoughtful careful and clear in response to my questions and concerns regarding my medical issue
    May 03, 2022
    I have detailed information on my care and what I need to do
    Apr 17, 2022
    Thank you
    Mar 29, 2022
    I was given very little information about my condition nor the prognosis. I was told simply to "come back if it gets worse." I felt that the provider was dismissive and condescending. When I mentioned my dismay at my diagnosis of Dupuytren's Contractures he simply said "Well it could be worse. You could have tumours on your hands." No empathy at all. I found more information post visit via online searches than the provider gave me during my visit.
    Mar 27, 2022
    I am confused I will see a hand therapist but more info could have been given me about my taking home care.
    Mar 08, 2022
    Feb 08, 2022
    I appreciate Dr Immerman He is honest with me patient.He is a very good Dr