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    Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, 2014

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    Dermatology, American Board of Dermatology

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    Jul 07, 2023
    I felt very good about my appointment with Dr. Lester. She took a look at my current skin care routine advised me on next steps for an allergic reaction I recently had and did a thorough mole check. I was however expecting an "after visit summary" and have not yet received one in my MyChart.
    Jul 06, 2023
    Dr Jenna Lester is an outstanding physician who is very thorough in her approach and also personable. I highly recommend her to my friends and circle.
    Jun 30, 2023
    Dr Lester is a great dermatologist and doctor. She listens to me and discussed her plan of treatment if I need one. Very happy with her.
    Jun 28, 2023
    I think Doctor Lester is very professional and has a very warm personality.
    Jun 27, 2023
    Dr. Lester is always attentive provides excellent care and listens to my concerns regarding my ailment and treatment.
    Jun 17, 2023
    Dr. Lester is amazing! She is thoughtful kind understanding and compassionate. I honestly look forward to seeing her.
    Jun 09, 2023
    Jun 08, 2023
    Dr. Lester is so professional smart and a lovely person!
    Jun 07, 2023
    Jun 07, 2023
    Waiting for over 30 minutes but talked to the doctor for less than 10 minutes made me feel a little bit upset and I didn't see the doctor logging in to the system to review my medical record or typing notes and I didn't see after visit notes on mychart. It's like a paid Q and A session but sometimes patient doesn't know what questions to ask may be she can be more proactive and give more suggestions for example I said my skin was itchy she can suggest how to relief the itchiness or at least check if I was prescribed any medications by other doctors etc.
    Jun 04, 2023
    Dr. Lester is wonderful but I don't think it will be feasible in the future to drive so far pay so much speak with an exchange instead of the clinic and deal with the terrible traffic.
    Jun 01, 2023
    Dr. Lester is a caring person who has the patient's best interests at the top of her priority.
    May 16, 2023
    I thoroughly appreciate Dr.Lester's care and professionalism. I felt seen and heard in her care.
    May 16, 2023
    Dr. Lester is a great listener. Her recommendations are always thoughtful and clearly explained.
    May 12, 2023
    Dr. Jenna Lester is truly exceptional. An angel on earth- I feel very lucky to have her as my doctor
    May 05, 2023
    One of the best experiences I've had in years!
    Apr 21, 2023
    Dr. Jenna Lester was knowledgeable warm -- and we had a great conversation
    Apr 20, 2023
    I would give Dr Lester an Excellent Rating if it were available. I am fortunate to have her as a dermatologist
    Apr 19, 2023
    Dr. Lester is very professional. She inspires confidence with her thoroughness patience and responsiveness; and her manner is most pleasant. I always leave her office feeling well informed and cared for.
    Apr 19, 2023
    Dr Lester is amazing. I'm so glad I got her as my Dr.
    Apr 14, 2023
    Friendly knowledgeable respectful
    Apr 13, 2023
    The doctor calmed my nerves and assured me she was only looking at my skin...not pimples or cellulite!
    Apr 11, 2023
    Excellent! Thank you so much.
    Mar 31, 2023
    Dr. Lester is thoughtful thorough and absolutely wonderful.
    Mar 29, 2023
    Wish Dr Lester was my GP
    Mar 28, 2023
    Dr. Jenna Lester is EXCELLENT!!
    Mar 28, 2023
    It was nice seeing Dr. Lester .
    Mar 14, 2023
    100% Thumbs up!
    Mar 10, 2023
    Dr Jenna Lester is the best.
    Mar 10, 2023
    Took extra time
    Mar 07, 2023
    Despite having written in the visit notes that the assessment and plan were reviewed I wasn't given any information about the cyst nor about the benefits risks and alternatives to the surgical excision.The provider just referred me to derm surgery and told me to let her know if the inflammation didn't go away before the derm surgery appointment.
    Mar 06, 2023
    A bit brusque and had a level of what I consider unreasonable expectation about my knowledge regarding my medications. Asked me questions that should have been obvious from the file on this issue. Dates of biopsies and outcomes. Exact dosages of medications I'm taking. Not information I keep at my fingertips and fully documented in my file.
    Feb 26, 2023
    Dr. Lester was amazing!
    Feb 09, 2023
    Dr. Lester is one of the very best dermatologists I have ever known.
    Feb 06, 2023
    Dr. Lester is a gem I wish some of the other doctors in other departments could take a page from her book.
    Jan 27, 2023
    The doctor was great and also her assistant. They apologized for it taking so long but 2 hours and 15 minutes was a bit harsh. Especially coming from Santa Rosa.
    Jan 27, 2023
    Dr Lester is wonderful to work with as a provider. She exhibits genuine care and kindness and explains things clearly. I feel confident in her treatment decisions and guidance.
    Jan 22, 2023
    Dr. Lester is attentive and it's easy to communicate with her. I'm happy she is my dermatologist and would recommend her to anyone I know.
    Jan 16, 2023
    I recommend this dermatology over any
    Jan 13, 2023
    Dr. Lester is one of the best doctors I have seen. She is so patient and understanding and gives really detailed and informative answers to my questions. I wish all doctors are as talented as Dr. Lester.
    Jan 11, 2023
    Dr. Lester was so kind thoughtful and her explanations of the problems and treatment options were excellent. I feel lucky that I got in to see her. She worked with my request too to try a new treatment which I appreciated very much.
    Jan 04, 2023
    Dr.explained us the condition it details
    Dec 14, 2022
    My only issue os I still don't see an afte rvisit summary or notes in MyChart.
    Dec 10, 2022
    Dr Lester knew I had another doctors appointment across town and she went above and beyond to help me schedule so I could run to my Lyft.
    Dec 07, 2022
    Loved the Dr's attention to detail
    Dec 07, 2022
    Dr. Lester is very professional
    Dec 03, 2022
    Dr Lester and her team were terrific it's great to now have a dermatologist in the City at UCSF.
    Dec 02, 2022
    I think I'm a little confused because during our last appointment when I opted for the liquid nitrogen Dr. Lester had mentioned that in the long run the injection would be the better choice. This time when I asked about the injection she told me the liquid nitrogen would be better because it seemed to be helping. So I guess I'm not clear which one is the better choice.
    Dec 02, 2022
    Dr. Lester was phenomenal. She listened to my concerns and questions and showed interest. She was incredible!
    Nov 25, 2022
    Dr. Lester immediately made me feel comfortable. I thought she was great!
    Nov 22, 2022
    Dr. Lester was fantastic. I felt heard for the first time in a long time.
    Nov 17, 2022
    Dr. Lester is an excellent dermatologist and surgeon. She listens to my concerns answers my questions and is a skilled surgeon.
    Nov 15, 2022
    Dr. Jenna Lester is a fabulous dermatologist. I especially appreciate that she is a Black female of which there are very few Black dermatologist in the Bay Area. Those of us that find this to be an important factor in our treatment know every good Black dermatologist in San Francisco Oakland & Berkeley. In my opinion she is at the top of the list. I wish she could be cloned. Far as recommendations go I have recommended her to both of my sisters and every person of color that I know that's seeking a dermatologist that appreciates listens and understands issues that we believe may be unique to our ethnicity.
    Nov 10, 2022
    Dr Lester's care and empathy is beyond exemplary. Dr Lester may have saved my life at best or progressive loss of adjacent organs at least. Neither a more recent dermatologist or primary physician diagnosis was accurately made. I am so fortunate and grateful to have been treated by Dr Lester and her staff. God Bless you Dr Lester.
    Nov 04, 2022
    Highly approachable kind and knowledgeable.
    Nov 03, 2022
    Dr. Lester was exceptionally nice and professional. Really enjoyed meeting her. She efficiently diagnosed my issue.
    Nov 02, 2022
    Provider seemed rushed. Last time she took her time and explained well related to a specific issue. I scheduled this appointment to discuss multiple issues and she rushed mentioned a skin condition I may be having and possible treatment but not having it written down I forgot what she said. Didn't get after visit summary to refresh my memory.
    Nov 01, 2022
    Dr. Lester is excellent. She explained what a basil cell carcinoma is which she suspected I had. She performed the post biopsy removal of tissue. I was kept informed about what she was doing during my operation.
    Nov 01, 2022
    Provider shared lots of clinical jargon. Not very helpful. No solutions or integrative approach. No instructions given. Overall a lackluster experience especially considering the long wait (more than 1 month).
    Oct 29, 2022
    Excellent and exceptional care.
    Oct 27, 2022
    Dr. Lester is tops!
    Oct 21, 2022
    Dr. Lester was patient compassionate humane and very knowledgeable. She understood and acknowledged the stress of my condition took the time to explain it to me and answer questions and referred to recent peer-reviewed research on the topic showing she was very up-tp-date. I am so grateful for her expertise and care. So happy to have been matched with her.
    Oct 20, 2022
    Excellent in every way!
    Sep 30, 2022
    Dr. Lester is an excellent provider and UCSF if lucky to have her! UCSF needs to hire more dermatologists of color specifically Black dermatologists or providers who specialize in working with skin of color.
    Sep 20, 2022
    All very good
    Sep 09, 2022
    I love love love Dr. Lester and have not only received thoughtful care that actually addressed my issue after years of struggling with hyperpigmentation and hormonal acne but she always goes the extra mile and just brings the most positive lovely energy to her visits. This experience so rare for black women seeking healthcare and I can say honestly that my experience with your other providers has not matched this experience. You should really consider training your white/asian male doctors in particular about how to be more sensitive to these dynamics and actually require reviews to take that into account. The respect and thoughtfulness the extend black women is severely lacking across the board and given related national statistics about our health outcomes and treatment it is incumbent on you to address it through how you do performance reviews and structure incentives.
    Sep 07, 2022
    I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lester. She was understanding thorough efficient and kind.
    Sep 02, 2022
    Best Dr. JENNA LESTER.
    Aug 29, 2022
    I was not given clear after-procedure instructions and was told it would show up electronically. I did not receive an after-visit summary the same day. I had to message the doctor the next day to get instructions to care for my wound.
    Aug 28, 2022
    I feel lucky to have this doctor.
    Aug 23, 2022
    Not sure where to start - of all the years that l've been at UCSF - I basically left this appointment disappointed and not knowing or sure what happened regarding my issue - - not knowing why it happen and what to do next. I was hoping to view an after visit summary / notes in "My Chart" - but to my surprise nothing - the doctor do not take the time to add nothing. The attitude from my visit that I came away with - the doctor was basically why are you here.
    Aug 03, 2022
    I am returning to see Dr Lester and will book an appointment with my husband as well. She was great!
    Aug 02, 2022
    I was extremely pleased with the attention I received from Dr. Lester her professionalism demeanor attention to my concerns and overall presentation was totally above my expectations. I will highly recommend her to all my friends and contacts.
    Jul 28, 2022
    She is a terrific doctor
    Jul 27, 2022
    Excellent care provided
    Jul 21, 2022
    I had other questions but I was dismissed so quickly that I didn't get a chance to ask them. The provider left the room immediately after dismissing me.
    Jul 17, 2022
    It is very important that I be treated by a person of color as I have brown skin. Skin of color scars easily and needs specific care a doctor of color would better understand the challenges of caring for darker skin.
    Jul 15, 2022
    I know Dr. Lester is probably a great Doctor and is very busy. I guess I just felt like she was rushing a little.
    Jun 15, 2022
    One of my verbalized concern was not addressed. She was in a hurry and her exam was incomplete.
    Jun 10, 2022
    Excellent Doctor.
    Jun 10, 2022
    Dr. Lester explained the next steps to address my skin ailment.
    Jun 08, 2022
    Dr. Lester explained the need for a follow-up appointment due to the medication.
    Jun 08, 2022
    Dr. Lester is awesome
    May 24, 2022
    She found something that needed a biopsy. I know a bit about skin cancer and she was good at explaining things. Her exam seemed thorough. She seems knowledgeable.
    May 18, 2022
    I didn't receive it nstructions on how to use prescriptions
    May 01, 2022
    Dr. Lester is extremely professional and knowledgeable AND warm and encouraging. I feel seen and heard by her expertise and instruction. I've recommended Dr. Lester to more than 10 of my dearest friends in the Bay Area and many of them have made appointments to have her as their dermatologist. As an African American woman I greatly appreciate Dr. Lester's expertise.
    Apr 27, 2022
    I love Dr. Lester!!!!
    Apr 12, 2022
    Dr. Lester was wonderful. I felt she was very thorough and I felt very comfortable with her.
    Apr 07, 2022
    Provider was very professional & explained step by step
    Apr 01, 2022
    Dr. Lester is a very good practitioner she answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Dr. Lester is very knowledgeable courteous and has a genuine concern for her patients well being. Dr. Lester is aware of the disparities in healthcare and definitely bridges the gap.
    Mar 30, 2022
    Outstanding care and compassion.
    Mar 24, 2022
    Dr. Lester is an Amazing doctor! I feel soo fortunate to have her apart of my medical team!
    Mar 15, 2022
    Dr Lester stands out as one of the best dermatologists in my experience - top notch clinical expertise and also kind. She was wearing an N95 mask & face shield as required but I could see her eyes smiling.
    Mar 13, 2022
    Dr Lester was caring and patient and very thorough. She is worth the wait time in the lobby
    Mar 11, 2022
    Excellent experience.
    Mar 11, 2022
    Mar 08, 2022
    Dr. Lester is absolutely the best.
    Mar 02, 2022
    Seemed like Dr Lester was in a rush to see other patients did not seem to show the amount of care as other providers I've had in the past. Definitely the worst experience I've had and would NOT recommend
    Feb 08, 2022
    This was my first meeting with Dr. Lester. I liked her very much. She Is a good listener and was responsive to my needs and questions.
    Jan 19, 2022
    Thorough and patient.
    Jan 12, 2022
    Had a great experience and really liked the Dr.
    Dec 20, 2021
    It is clear that Dr. Lester always reviews my medical records and lab results before each appointment with me. She always answers my questions and addresses all of my concerns. Her outstanding professionalism is appreciated.
    Dec 07, 2021
    Don't plan to see her and wouldn't recommend her to anyone else.
    Dec 07, 2021
    Dr. Lester is simply the best!
    Dec 03, 2021
    Awesome. Really liked her.
    Dec 03, 2021
    Dr. Lester was so clear thorough and detailed in providing care.
    Dec 01, 2021
    Nov 30, 2021
    DR. Lester is not who I normally see at this practice but she was very good and eased my concern totally. She seems very knowledgeable and really concerned for her patients.
    Nov 09, 2021
    I thought the Rx was over the counter so when I went to the pharmacy I couldn't find it. Turns out it was not OTC but I didn't readily know that and almost left without the Rx.
    Oct 29, 2021
    Explanation of what was going to happen with the procedure and what to expect afterwards by the doctor would have been helpful
    Oct 10, 2021
    It was a great experience and was very helpful. Everyone was amazing.
    Sep 29, 2021
    Sep 23, 2021
    Dr Lester is fantastic
    Sep 22, 2021
    Dr. Lester is very interested in your health!
    Sep 21, 2021
    During the visit doctor determined she wasn't able to address or treat my issue made several specific medical termed suggestions seen my confusion and stated not to worry she would include all referral and suggestions in follow-up /or visit conclusion I haven't received anything I even emailed a question and have yet to receive a response .
    Sep 18, 2021
    My issues were important to me and seemed to be not important to her.
    Sep 14, 2021
    In the patient summary notes that I read online in UCSF MyChart I became confused as the doctor used several abbreviations In her notes that I was not familiar with so I had to email her for clarification.