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  • Education

    University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, MD, 1998

  • Residencies

    UCSF, Internal Medicine, 2001

  • Fellowships

    UCSF, Rheumatology, 2004

  • Board Certifications

    Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine

  • Academic Title

    Associate Professor

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    Overall Experience
    289 Ratings
    About our process
    Nov 20, 2023
    As usual Dr Morehead is very kind and a good listener. She explained what happened very well and we came up w a plan . I always feel reassured after speaking w her and know I'm in good hands.
    Nov 17, 2023
    Majority of visit was with resident; care provider only came in for a bit at the end
    Oct 21, 2023
    I find Dr. Kerstin Morehead an excellent and caring doctor. She acts promptly.
    Oct 15, 2023
    Dr Morehead was very reassuring when I needed it the most !
    Oct 15, 2023
    My provider has been excellent since I first started working with her. I feel very fortunate to have a doctor that truly puts my needs first!
    Oct 06, 2023
    Care provider was very yhorough
    Sep 29, 2023
    The appointment took about 10 minutes and she did not provide much information or insight.
    Sep 21, 2023
    I have been with Dr. Morehead for a long time. She is friendly professional and to the point. --I have appreciated her care over the years. She is clear when communicating with patients what the next steps for care should be. I follow her advice.
    Aug 21, 2023
    My care provider takes the extra step to help me whenever possible! I'm grateful for all of her help!
    Aug 16, 2023
    Care provider seems like doesn't have interest in their patient's health problems.
    Aug 14, 2023
    Dr Morehead is great!
    Jul 22, 2023
    Dr. Morehead always has my best interests in mind. She is a caring supportive knowledgeable provider.
    Jul 16, 2023
    I asked the doctor if I needed anything like x-rays or MRI and she told me she knows what she doing. She also told me to increase my medication but she didn't even give me new prescription . The doctor didn't even bother to examine me.
    Jun 04, 2023
    She left me with the impression that she would be better suited working in a research lab for her lack of personability and affability. She could also be a better listener as evidenced in the inaccuracy of her after-visit summery report.
    May 31, 2023
    Dr. Morehead was good and to the point!
    May 27, 2023
    She was very patient with me during this call. She was very patient with me!
    May 26, 2023
    She seemed very detached and curt. She was brief and did not ask a lot of questions or proactively address anything (eg I had to prompt her to tell me if my recent labs were ok or concerning).
    May 15, 2023
    She didn't seem interested. Physical exam was very surface level. Seemed like she didn't care very much.
    Apr 18, 2023
    Mar 26, 2023
    I trust Dr. Morehead's advice and opinions and have been her patient for many years now. She is extremely knowledgeable familiar with my arthritic condition and makes professional decisions accordingly. --Her schedule In UCSF Rheumatology Dept. Is a busy one and office visits with her are not lengthy but appreciated with patient directions carefully followed. ...I thank her for the time she spends with me.
    Mar 21, 2023
    Dr morehead was amazing. I'm feeling very fortunate to be under her care.
    Mar 21, 2023
    I did need to ask for clarity on possible causes of issues and next steps
    Mar 04, 2023
    Dr. Morehead is truly amazing. She asks me about my daughter who lost her husband to suicide last summer. I don't know if she understands how meaningful this really is to know people do care about me and my family.
    Feb 25, 2023
    Very warm and caring also provided just enough information without overwhelming me! Provided me with the big picture and the next and next next steps. Great!
    Feb 11, 2023
    I appreciated the time she spent and concern for my condition.
    Jan 28, 2023
    Don't feel rapport with MD.
    Jan 19, 2023
    All good
    Dec 22, 2022
    There's no point in recommending Dr. Morehead. Her practice is understaffed she couldn't even accept my husband a former patient. That's ridiculous!
    Dec 10, 2022
    Kerstin Morehead MD. Is a very Kind Compassionate Courteous and very Knowledgeable provider.
    Nov 26, 2022
    Dr. Morehead has been my Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctor for a few years now & she is a superb Physician. I have appreciated her care.
    Nov 11, 2022
    Trying to get to the bottom of my problem which may be autoimmune not sure related to my gums and psoriatic arthritis I had to ask the questions I had to propose things I had to suggest changing medication I had to ask the ramifications of that. She did not seem to have read my chart beforehand or have much to say about anything. Everything I suggested she just said okay.
    Nov 10, 2022
    I feel so fortunate to continue to benefit from Dr. Morehead's tremendous knowledge. I encounter a variety of medical situations with my disease. Dr Morehead is current on all of my issue and a great communicator.
    Oct 23, 2022
    She came in said I need xray maybe MRI then left the room. No possible explanation or thoughts on what I have no instruction to follow up it was even clear if I was done and can leave or the nurse was coming back for the blood order
    Oct 17, 2022
    Dr. Morehead took the time that was necessary to determine my problem and now I have a plan on how to move forward.
    Oct 13, 2022
    Dr Morehead is fantastic. As a medical assistant myself not all doctors are as compassionate and explain disease process and medication options as well as her. I'm glad she is my assigned physician.
    Oct 11, 2022
    I really liked the doctor. She was kind and friendly. I didn't quite understand all the medications she was trying to discuss with me and how it would affect my overall health
    Oct 02, 2022
    After meeting with this doctor they told me that they would send their opinions about my care and how to treat me to another doctor I will be seeing soon. The disappointing thing is that this doctor would not tell me their thoughts and what they were going to tell the other doctor (even after I asked). I'm not sure why I am not being included in the decisions of care for my own body but it does not feel right to me and completely takes away my trust for this doctor.
    Oct 02, 2022
    She didn't tell me what medications to stop taking when she increased the dosage of another medication. I will ask her in my chart. She was a great listener but didn't explain more than the basics that I already knew the difference between Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I was hoping to make a plan foe treatment with her.
    Sep 30, 2022
    Considering the problem locating the office Dr. Morehead was very understanding & offered her apology for the lack of directions! I was very impressed with her understanding of my condition & appreciated her care in explaining what course of care would be given.
    Sep 01, 2022
    Aug 28, 2022
    To be fair I was hoping for a different outcome.
    Aug 07, 2022
    Extremely professional
    Aug 05, 2022
    The care giver spend maybe 5 minutes with me. Did not give me the name of the medicine she was prescribing
    Aug 04, 2022
    Dr. Morehead is the best
    Jul 29, 2022
    Great Doctor
    Jul 27, 2022
    Dr. Morehead has treated me since 2007 even before she switched from to UCSF. She has always been a good communicator conscientious hard working knowledgeable. A very smart doctor (no surprise) who listens carefully.
    Jul 21, 2022
    Dr. Morehead had taken the time to review my recent "non-rheumatology" labs and studies before my appointment and took the time to express concern and empathy as to issues not directly related to those I was seeing her about. Those efforts not only helped me emotionally they also increased my confidence in her concern for me as a person rather than simply as a set of symptoms to be assessed and managed.
    Jul 20, 2022
    Please assign me a different rheumatologist
    Jul 19, 2022
    Dr.Morehead is excellent and a caring and kind professional. Her assistant who took blood pressure was also kind and professional. Thank you.
    Jun 12, 2022
    Very Good.
    Jun 09, 2022
    I feel the provider gave me a weak diagnosis which was then relayed to a different department as something else which was very confusing. I mean is it Crohns arthritis or is it not? Very strange way of information coming back around that didn't make sense and didn't remain consistent.
    Jun 06, 2022
    Dr Morehead is in my opinion THE model for medical professionals. I've been her patient for years and she always listens collaborates and works towards a solution with me. She never seems to rush me and she always seems genuine in her care and concern.
    Jun 02, 2022
    Dr Morehead is a very good listener and provides care based on how I explained my symptoms which has turned into a good results for my recovery. She's the absolute best!!
    May 20, 2022
    I am extremely pleased with my doctor's care
    May 06, 2022
    Always very thorough
    May 03, 2022
    I spent a lot of time explaining my symptom to the resident. Then the doctor came in for 5 minutes and told me to take Tylenol. I have joint pain in my legs and arms and hands. Also my hands are feet are numb and tingling. She didn't run any blood tests. Only looked at my history. I don't why I saw a rheumatologist. I'm very disappointed. I had to ask her about a cream. It's only for my hands.
    Mar 26, 2022
    I would highly recommend Dr. Morehead and I am grateful to have her expertise and guidance going forward as a specialist.
    Mar 20, 2022
    Dr. Morehead will be referring me to a podiatrist that will provide me with orthotics as well that are badly needed for collapsed arched that are extremely painful
    Mar 11, 2022
    Dr Morehead is supportive and caring.
    Mar 08, 2022
    Dr Morehead has helped me tremendously with my current health issues. She is very kind understanding and very knowledgeable in helping me with long standing health issues. I continually improve!
    Mar 07, 2022
    As a new patient to the clinic and this doctor I found it odd how the doctor didn't inquire about my history. UC didn't seem to have the details when I started my current medication so I can't assume you have all my history. I was seen first by other staff so they may have passed some info on but it was just strange to not discuss it with the doctor themselves. The doctor mainly rotated my joints in my arms and was checking for nodules. The doctor also didn't order labs and I don't know why (my prior doctor performed a set of labs before all appts). When I mentioned I do have a history of liver sensitivity the doctor did order liver tests.
    Mar 06, 2022
    The provider spent about 1 minute with me so we discussed nothing. The only thing that she told me was that she prescribed me a medicine replacing the medicine I was currently taking.
    Feb 19, 2022
    This was initial appointment and we need further discussions of treatment plan and impact on me.
    Feb 05, 2022