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Megan Swanson


Gynecologic oncologist
Champion for justice in global health

Dr. Megan Swanson is a gynecologic oncologist who cares for women with cervical, vulvar, uterine and ovarian cancers, as well as women with cervical dysplasia (a precancerous condition). Her expertise encompasses both surgical and medical care.

Swanson's research focuses on cervical cancer, particularly the striking disparities in access to care and in outcomes between women in high-income countries and those in low- to middle-income countries, as well as in the availability of effective screening and prevention methods. She has worked on identifying barriers and facilitators to cervical cancer screening and care in East Africa, and is currently developing innovative pilot projects in Uganda to increase screening and treatment opportunities.

Swanson earned a master of public health degree at the University of California, Berkeley and her medical degree at UCSF. She completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at UCSF. She completed a fellowship in gynecologic oncology at UCSF and Kaiser Permanente. While completing this fellowship, she was awarded a GloCal Health Fellowship from the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health. This allowed her to spend a year in Kampala, Uganda, working at Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Mulago National Referral Hospital and the Uganda Cancer Institute.

Swanson is a member of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, International Gynecologic Cancer Society, International Papillomavirus Society, American Society of Clinical Oncology and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Swanson is a yoga teacher and a reluctant meditator.

  • Education

    UC Berkeley, MPH, 2010

    UCSF School of Medicine, 2011

  • Residencies

    UCSF, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, 2015

  • Fellowships

    UCSF and Kaiser Permanente, Gynecologic Oncology, 2019

  • Academic Title

    Assistant Professor

My goal is improving the lives and health of the most vulnerable women around the world by making cancer care and prevention services more accessible.

Clinics I work with

Gynecologic Oncology Center

Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building

See all 3 of our Bay Area locations and learn more about the center.

Gynecologic Dysplasia Clinic

2356 Sutter St., Seventh Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143

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Overall Experience
171 Ratings
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Jun 23, 2023
Dr. Swanson is great!
Jun 13, 2023
Dr Swanson is amazing
Jun 02, 2023
Excellent on all counts.
May 30, 2023
Dr. Swanson was so patient in explaining medical terms in details to me and ensured that I understood and is comfortable with everything.She never made me feel rushed nor made me feel like I'm on a list that needs to be checked off. Thank you for making me feel you care for your patients like you would your family. It truly Is appreciated!
May 23, 2023
I love Dr. Swanson as I know she listens cares explains in a way I can fully understand answers all my questions patiently and she makes me feel special all the time. I am so blessed to have her as my doctor. TY Dr. Swanson!
May 18, 2023
Dr Swanson is amazing. She is gentle and kind and never once have I felt off in her care
May 07, 2023
Dr Swanson is amazing.She is the first Dr that has helped me with Lichen Sclerosis.So knowledgeable.
May 03, 2023
My doctor has been attentive and accommodating at every step of my care plan I feel assured and secure.
Apr 30, 2023
I REALLY liked this doctor. I had to do a LEEP procedure and I was very nervous but the doctor was kind and reassuring. She walked me through all my options and advised all risks. She really was a great doctor. A+ bedside manner.
Apr 25, 2023
She does her job well. Appreciate her service. Love having her as my physician
Apr 07, 2023
Dr. Swanson is THE BEST! I love that she doesn't get overly excited about issues she is always calm and comforting. Hope that makes sense. It's not that she is not concerned just calm and resolute.
Apr 04, 2023
Dr. Swanson is basically a superhero.
Mar 23, 2023
Love Dr. Swanson and her staff.
Mar 18, 2023
Dr.Swanson is professionalthorough and kind. Im thankful to be in her care.
Mar 14, 2023
We love Dr. Megan. She is amazing.
Feb 10, 2023
Extremely attentive and thorough
Feb 08, 2023
Felt comfortable and trusted her even though it was first time I met her
Feb 07, 2023
DR Swanson is an excellent DR.Explains everything well.I leave always understanding my care.
Feb 03, 2023
Dr Swanson is one of the best doctors I have had the priviledge of taking care of me. I have an ongoing issue with the dysplasia clinic that has gone on for over 15 yrs and I have always received the best care from every practitioner!
Jan 24, 2023
Compassionate Thorough Responsive Present
Jan 07, 2023
Dr Swanson was very profesional and very nice she heard me carefully and answer all my questions and concerns. I'm grateful for all she did for me.
Dec 31, 2022
All good
Dec 20, 2022
I LOVE my Doctor. It's a bit of a trip getting to UCSF but worth the time!
Dec 20, 2022
Dr. Swanson answered all questions the way I can fully understand my concerns.
Dec 09, 2022
Excellent all around
Nov 23, 2022
Dr Swanson is amazing. She is caring and always has made me comfortable with what she was doing. Any questions I've had have been answered completely
Nov 01, 2022
I can't speak more highly of Dr Swanson's care. She was factual without being intimidating or scary about a procedure I had been nervous about for weeks. She was kind talked me through the whole procedure and what to expect.
Oct 30, 2022
After over two years of suffering I am finally getting some results!!!!! I am do excited! Dr is amazing I am feeling confident that I will get the treatment I need!! I am thankful that I was referred !!Thank u!!!!!!!
Oct 18, 2022
My provider was well informed about my condition extremely professional and caring about my health which I am very grateful.
Oct 12, 2022
Exceptionally brilliant doctor.
Oct 10, 2022
Dr. Swanson takes the time to explain all issues options possible side effects and puts the patient at ease very quickly. Great bedside manners.
Oct 08, 2022
Megan Swanson is one of the best. I will always be grateful that she was my surgeon
Oct 06, 2022
Excellent visit! I felt welcomed and heard. So glad I was able to get the doctor I wanted. The reviews were spot on!!!
May 08, 2022
Dr Swanson has helped me for approximately one year. I'm very comfortable with her care
Apr 26, 2022
Dr Megan is the best. She is a wonderful dr
Apr 21, 2022
Listened to my concerns and explained every aspect of what was happening with my cancer.
Apr 09, 2022
All was good
Apr 05, 2022
I feel like I'm in the best hands
Mar 12, 2022
Dr. Swanson is so kind and seems to be genuinely concerned about me. My husband and I trust her and like her very much.
Feb 22, 2022
Megan Swanson has been aggressive about my treatment plan as I asked for and she is carefully monitoring me which I feel is all I should/can expect from her professional with heart.
Feb 20, 2022
Dr Swanson is amazing. She is compassionate and knows what she is doing . I have nothing but good things to say about the care I have received
Jan 12, 2022
I wish we lived in sf so that Dr. Swanson could be care provider.
Jan 11, 2022
Very satisfied
Dec 28, 2021
Everyone covered all concerns.
Nov 30, 2021
Dr Swanson is a wonderful Doctor.
Nov 16, 2021
In the hour I had with Dr Swanson and her team I learnt so much more about my cancer and future treatment options than the 3 years I was at Kaiser. I especially liked that she explained in detail of the options and reasons. She was extremely prepared for our consultation she knew my history and I was able to have very productive discussion with her. I felt like I was being treated as an equal rather than talking down to or being prescribed to. Thank you!
Nov 05, 2021
She is a angel. Made not worry about it and have me understanding what was going on.
Nov 01, 2021
Dr Swanson is great. Great bedside manner. Very personable
Oct 22, 2021
I'm on a cancer treatment odyssey with lots of details to address. She was careful to address all of my concerns.
Oct 09, 2021
My case is unusual and complicated which requires a better coordinated and more expedient care. It seems that the departments involved are not sufficiently connected.
Oct 07, 2021
Appreciate the thorough and clear information presented in a caring and sensitive manner.
Sep 29, 2021
Great care. A+. Everytime I go to the clinic I feel that I am in good hands
Sep 28, 2021
I had an excellent visit. The doctor answered all the questions on my list. I left feeling very good about the doctor and the care I received.
Sep 24, 2021
Dr. Swanson is an exceptional physician - smart congenial analytical and empathic to my conditions and related concerns. She IS why I seek medical care at UCSF.
Sep 21, 2021
She is an excellent provider and I would highly recommend her
Sep 10, 2021
Great and supportive doctor Swanson
Sep 10, 2021