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Michael S. Conte


Co-director, Heart & Vascular Center
Vascular surgeon

Dr. Michael S. Conte is a vascular surgeon who specializes in diseases of the aorta and its major branches, aneurysms, carotid artery disease and peripheral artery disease (PAD). He also treats diabetic vascular disease and performs complex revascularization (restoration of blood flow) to preserve limb function and prevent amputation.

Conte is co-director of the UCSF Heart & Vascular Center and chief of the Division of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery.

Conte led the largest multicenter clinical trial to date of leg bypass surgery in patients with severe PAD. He is studying angioplasty and bypass surgery failure, and how to identify patients at risk.

Conte earned his medical degree at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He completed a surgical residency at Weill Cornell Medicine, followed by vascular surgery training in the John Homans fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Conte is a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery and Society of University Surgeons. In 2006, he received a distinguished achievement award from the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center Alumni Council. He serves on the editorial boards for several medical journals, including Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Vascular Medicine, Journal of Vascular Surgery and Vascular.

  • Education

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1986

  • Residencies

    Cornell Medical Center, General Surgery, 1993

  • Fellowships

    Brigham and Women's Hospital, Vascular Surgery, 1991

    Harvard Medical School, Vascular Surgery, 1994

    Brigham and Women's Hospital, Vascular Surgery, 1994

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    About our process
    Jul 08, 2023
    I have severe PAD in my legs and have had 11 procedures done over the last 16 years so I have a good understanding and knowledge of my condition so Dr. Conte did not have to spend any time explaining to me what I have. He viewed the two CAT scan discs that I had sent In prior to my consult and said that he could help me where as the surgeon that did my surgery 7 weeks ago said that there was nothing else she could do to help me going forward.
    Jul 06, 2023
    Dr Conte is awesome! He saved me! I will always appreciate him.
    Jun 10, 2023
    Dr Conte is the best. His skill provided me with a life changing result to the positive. Thank you
    May 25, 2023
    Exceptionally efficient operation
    Apr 28, 2023
    I was comfortable with all concerns
    Apr 27, 2023
    It was a great experience overall. Thanks to the staff
    Apr 07, 2023
    I felt more than listened to. It was comforting that my mental health was considered. All options were presented with pros and cons. I felt the results reflected everything that was put forth.
    Mar 18, 2023
    Dr Conte is the best! He is truly concerned and makes me feel at ease with my problems and concerns. He explains my situation and future tests and procedures.
    Feb 18, 2023
    Expertise is why one goes to UCSF
    Feb 18, 2023
    Dr. Conte is the best caring Doctor that Ihave ever had
    Feb 15, 2023
    Dr Conte is Very Professional !!
    Feb 15, 2023
    Provided good information regarding the test I had taken gave me some information I needed for other cardiology issues and suggestions for refferial
    Feb 02, 2023
    Dr Conte listens and takes all of my concerns seriously. He explains what's happening and what the action plan can be taken.
    Jan 27, 2023
    I was very satisfied with Dr. Conte.
    Dec 22, 2022
    Everyone has been very good to me
    Dec 22, 2022
    The best I have ever had
    Dec 18, 2022
    Excellent thorough listened clear and straight opinion & conclusion; attentive compassionate kind polite and referrals to further investigate so as to establish and conclude issue
    Nov 24, 2022
    No vascular treatment necessary but I'm not sure whom to see re continuing nerve pain
    Sep 22, 2022
    Excellent in all aspects of my care.
    Sep 17, 2022
    I truly trust Dr. Conte with my life! I am so very thankful for his service to me.
    Sep 09, 2022
    Dr. Conte listens and answers all of my questions and concerns.
    Sep 01, 2022
    As with all physicians in todays medical system this physician does the best possible while being pressed for time. The immediate problem must be dealt with. Complaint history or other information that might lead to individualized diagnostic or treatment does not jibe with current algorithmic approach to overall efficiency.
    Sep 01, 2022
    Aug 25, 2022
    Dr. Conte was excellent
    Aug 11, 2022
    Excellent service as usual
    Aug 05, 2022
    Very limited time with care provider because he was called away to surgery necessitating me to reschedule appointment.
    May 26, 2022
    My previous vascular doctor had the worst "bedside manner" I have ever encountered... Dr. Conte spoke to me with professional concern that made me comfortable in his care.
    May 20, 2022
    No complaint
    May 18, 2022
    Answered any questions I had with a language that I could understand
    May 09, 2022
    Dr Conte is brilliant. Great abilities. A good listener and has a propensity ro act when supported by the facts
    Apr 21, 2022
    Dr. Conte is always a pleasure to work with and a great MD and addressed my concerns immediately and effectively.
    Apr 16, 2022
    Over all we had a very good experience with UCSF and would recommend UCSF to friends and family.
    Apr 15, 2022
    Excellent communications
    Apr 07, 2022
    Again very happy with the whole experience
    Feb 09, 2022
    Always expect the best UCSF experience and received it.
    Feb 02, 2022
    This was a first and last visit since the test results indicated no followup care needed. It was a quick visit. I have no complaints about the provider except that after he examined me andthenhe said he would go back to the office to look at my test results which I thought was strange since I would have expected him to have looked at them before my appointment.
    Jan 07, 2022
    Dr Conte was very alert caring and engaged.
    Oct 20, 2021
    All good experiences.
    Sep 15, 2021
    Very good.
    Sep 13, 2021
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