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Dr. Mitchell Rosen is an expert in reproductive endocrinology and fertility. He is director of the UCSF Fertility Preservation Program, which helps patients with cancer secure the ability to conceive in the future, despite the effects of aggressive cancer treatment.

Rosen earned his medical degree at Saint Louis University and completed residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. During his training, he was named best resident twice and received an award as best resident teacher. He completed fellowship training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at UCSF. Also, he completed training in the UCSF embryology laboratory to qualify as a high complexity lab director.

In addition to caring for patients, Rosen teaches UCSF medical students, residents and fellows.

  • Education

    St. Louis University School of Medicine, 1998

  • Residencies

    University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2002

  • Fellowships

    UCSF Medical Center, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, 2003

  • Academic Title


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    Overall Experience
    131 Ratings
    About our process
    Oct 29, 2023
    They explained the situation very well and are open to our questions.
    Oct 13, 2023
    Dr Rosen is always a friendly face to see. Always makes me feel hopeful (with reason!).
    Sep 30, 2023
    While the doctor was friendly and seemed well-intentioned he did not seem in the loop / informed about my care and conditions. I have found that UCSF medical professionals across departments so far do not seem to communicate or share information effectively with one another and so it has been my job to consistently ensure that each of my providers is on the same page.
    Sep 15, 2023
    Dr Rosen was amazing. He was so compassionate kind and validated me when I had concerns. He went above & beyond to address very sensitive matters with my surrogate. I'm grateful & very fortunate to have him as my doctor.
    Sep 08, 2023
    Dr. Rosen is the best. He is the reason why I have a beautiful son today and he has my highest recommendations
    Aug 04, 2023
    Dr Rosen is phenomenal and a great teacher. I am happy to be seeing him and will recommend everyone in my position to seek his council
    Aug 02, 2023
    He is very good at explaining things in simple terms takes his time. He drew pictures for me and everything it was amazing.
    Jul 01, 2023
    Very good pre-procedure meetings with the doctors who were involved thank you all
    Jun 30, 2023
    Great MD. Made the process smooth and comfortable.
    Jun 09, 2023
    I have had nothing short of a horrific and demeaning experience with UCSF
    Jun 09, 2023
    Dr. Rosen is the best. Obviously smart amazing bedside manner and clearly has his patient's best interest in mind.
    Jun 02, 2023
    Dr. Rosen has been good. Our care has been with his team - and I have appreciated the quality of communication. He is clear and empathetic and I appreciate how he manages his practice.
    Mar 25, 2023
    Dr. Rosen is the best-expert encouraging and experienced. I trust him with my fertility and cannot imagine trusting anyone more with our dreams or our eggs.
    Mar 08, 2023
    I've been seeing Dr Rosen for many years now and I'm grown accustomed to his style of care. If I could make a recommendation I wish he could be more accessible for questions and/or provide rationale as to why I didn't get the results I was hoping for. I've had several setbacks and I have been rolling with the punches. But if Dr Rosen is showing that he is doing everything in his power to provide the best path forward versus just telling me what to do I wouldn't be as disheartened with the process. I understand that some things are out of our control but it would be nice to show some empathy when patients have had a rough journey.
    Mar 08, 2023
    Dr. Rosen is my favorite doctor at UCSF. In addition to being the best RE out there (we met with 4 before we found and chose him) he is extremely kind caring empathetic thoughtful friendly and willing to patiently listen and answer questions. He takes a thoughtful approach to fertility treatments and always eases our concerns and answers our questions. He's also friendly and personable which is rare with all the doctors we met and even his peers that we sometimes saw during our retrieval cycles and fresh transfer. After that we only do medicated frozen transfers to ensure we only work with him. Dr. Rosen is the best and we highly recommend him to any one!
    Feb 17, 2023
    Dr Rosen Is wonderful. He treats me like a human being rather than a patient -Gets to know me speaks frankly. Perfect balance between professional and personal. Great doctor all around
    Jan 31, 2023
    Dr Rosen was excellent; very straightforward but also listened. Immediately felt we could trust him.
    Nov 15, 2022
    Excellent provider and team! I had an extremely positive experience and couldn't have asked for a better care team during my procedure. Dr. Rosen is the best!
    Oct 25, 2022
    Dr Rosen seems like one of those extremely smart people that finds it difficult to relate to other people. When I explained my update he wanted to know what my "mental state" was to understand what I wanted from him. He also pressed me on why I was thinking of not continuing care with UCSF. That made me a little uncomfortable because part of the reason was him and also the general disorganization and bureaucracy of UCSF. Dr Rosen doesn't seem very caring or empathetic. Not to say that I don't think he is he just doesn't communicate very well. Sometimes he comes off as arrogant and dismissive.
    Oct 22, 2022
    Dr.Rosen is exceptional! He was so kind and put me completely at ease. I am a difficult case for transfers and he was a master! He handled the procedure with ease. My husband and I were both so impressed with him! Thank you Dr.Rosen!
    Sep 23, 2022
    Dr Rosen is the most incredible doctor we have ever worked with and we are so grateful to him for not giving up on us and for his amazing expertise in his field. He fostered an environment of hope trust and expertise that was unmatched. This process has been one of the most difficult of our lives and we could not have endured it without the partnership of Dr Rosen. He truly embodies what being an RE is all about and we feel beyond lucky to have gotten to work with him.
    Sep 06, 2022
    Dr. Rosen was so warm and had a very pleasant demeanor. I felt cared for and his bedside manner and engaging conversation about what was happening in the appointment made me nearly wish I had been working with him since my journey began. Thank you Dr. Rosen!
    Aug 22, 2022
    Appreciated my provider very much
    Aug 09, 2022
    This was one of the worst experiences I've had with a doctor ever. It was genuinely upsetting in addition to feeling unorganized and unhelpful.
    Jul 30, 2022
    I had such a positive experience and was so happy with my provider and the care I received!
    May 30, 2022
    Anesthesiologist kept talking about how most people' wanted to be treated or feel after a procedure and absolutely didn't seam to care about what I wanted as an individual for my treatment. Pretty frustrating when I'm trusting him to medicate me and he's not willing to listen to what I don't want.
    May 29, 2022
    It is great to be able to watch the procedure on the screen.
    May 25, 2022
    Dr. Rosen was excellent with us. Compassionate and sensitive with our plan for course of treatment.
    Mar 22, 2022
    This was my first session with Dr. Rosen. He walked through my history carefully with an eye for detail. He explained some of the biology and timing with a level of respect and detail that gave me insight without being overwhelming. He seems to genuinely care about my experience and outcomes. Saying that I consider myself very lucky to be one of his patients is rather an understatement.
    Mar 04, 2022
    I am satisfy with the visit.
    Feb 12, 2022
    We didn't discuss after care although there were instructions in the portal
    Feb 06, 2022
    Excellent care provider. He knew my case was prepared with answers listened well and discussed options with me. Made me feel he genuinely cared about me and my case.
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