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Patricia Zheng


Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist

Dr. Patricia Zheng is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist who cares for patients with neck and back pain. She specializes in using minimally invasive techniques to improve function and decrease pain in patients with spinal disorders.

To detect injuries, Zheng performs electromyography, which measures how muscles respond to nerve signals, and nerve conduction studies, which measure how electrical impulses travel through nerves. She also performs image-guided injections – using X-rays or ultrasound – to alleviate pain and improve quality of life.

Zheng's research focuses on using emerging technologies to optimize and personalize care for patients with arthritic conditions. With the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders, she has received grants to develop mobile applications that collect patient data and facilitate delivery of personalized therapy. Her research has received awards from the National Institutes of Health, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Foundation for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spine Intervention Society and North American Spine Society.

Zheng earned her medical degree from UCSF and completed a residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Stanford University, serving as chief resident. She then completed an interventional spine fellowship, in which she trained in advanced ultrasound- and X-ray-guided procedures, at Stanford.

Zheng grew up in South Pasadena, California. On weekends, she enjoys "van dining" — a way to eat out while social distancing — with her husband and two children on the Peninsula.

  • Education

    UCSF, 2012

  • Residencies

    Stanford University, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2016

  • Fellowships

    Stanford University, Interventional Spine Fellowship, 2017

  • Board Certifications

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Academic Title

    Associate Professor

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

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    Overall Experience
    438 Ratings
    About our process
    Nov 22, 2023
    Dr. Patricia Zhong is always in a rush. I never feel like I have enough time with her and she wants to wrap up the visit after she's done with her questions. I want her to actually listen to my concerns and answer my questions fully. I want to be more involved in my care.
    Nov 20, 2023
    Dr. Zheng is such a caring doctor and always takes time to answer any questions.
    Nov 14, 2023
    Dr Zheng is attentive methodical kind and curious. These are assets which make her a great doc
    Nov 09, 2023
    Dr. Zheng was really fantastic. Great explanations good plan for diagnosis excellent focus on getting information to form diagnosis. Upbeat personality. Everything you want in a medical professional.
    Nov 06, 2023
    I have already met this doctor in the past and like her.
    Nov 02, 2023
    Dr Zheng is 1 of the most caring doctors ever. She goes beyond by notifying me of concerns that she may see in an ultrasound or MRI. I feel grateful that I found her.
    Oct 29, 2023
    Provider was somewhat dismissive of my multiple unresolved health issues and concerns: "it's not a big deal.". However provider Is good at collaborating with her UCSF colleagues to get information about next steps.
    Oct 28, 2023
    Dr. Patricia Zheng was very nice and efficient.
    Oct 25, 2023
    Dr Zheng is wonderful -smart warm friendly upbeat
    Oct 24, 2023
    Doctor Zheng is the best. Really love her compassion and thoroughness
    Oct 16, 2023
    Dr. Zheng read my chart prior to the visit and was extremely knowledgeable about my specific medical issues and past treatment. She was very approachable and easy to talk to. Her energy and enthusiastic personality were much appreciated.
    Oct 13, 2023
    Dr. Zheng is great to work with.
    Oct 12, 2023
    Was hoping to get an explanation in simpler terms of what the Medical Explanation meant in the Xray Results...Still trying to figure out what it actually says..Internet can be confusing..
    Oct 11, 2023
    Love Dr. Zheng. Wonderful person and doctor
    Sep 20, 2023
    We don't have any treatment options yet ... I'm waiting to be scheduled for two MRIs. Also then I'll know about any follow up.
    Sep 09, 2023
    Doctor Zheng is very caring and provided very helpful advice. I highly recommend her to my family and friends.
    Aug 26, 2023
    Dr. Zheng was very thorough and prepared. She'd obviously reviewed my history beforehand as she was looking at my films and discussing options during our visit.
    Aug 22, 2023
    The meeting was to discuss a failure to approve treatment by Medicare
    Aug 14, 2023
    She is the best!!
    Aug 09, 2023
    Contradictory things - seeming like attentive to issues yet also not listening. I left feeling very confused and like I was kind of being forced into next steps that I didn't agree to/ didn't fit my condition. That was frustrating.
    Jul 29, 2023
    Dr. Zheng listens and addressed my concerns with follow up appointments.
    Jul 27, 2023
    Dr Zheng is a fantastic friendly doctor
    Jul 25, 2023
    Dr. Zheng was very thorough in researching and explaining treatment options. She has a proactive and friendly approach and I trust her.
    Jul 23, 2023
    Im a very complicated case and understand that doctors never have enough time with their patients. They also can only diagnose from their specialty. To be referred to psych when I'm already seeing a psychiatrist was insulting.
    Jul 13, 2023
    Very thorough and professional. Understanding and listened to all of my concerns.
    Jun 29, 2023
    Dr. Patricia Zheng listens even when I talk too much. She is always familiar with my medical records and answered one of my questions I did not know had a clear answer.
    Jun 09, 2023
    Dr Zheng shows concern and caring and helped me make decisions about future plans for treatment. Excellent doctor.
    Jun 06, 2023
    Dr Zheng inspires confidence & I felt totally supported by her.
    Jun 02, 2023
    She is lovely and knowledgable and creative
    May 15, 2023
    I received EXCELLENT care.
    May 12, 2023
    Dr Zheng is an amazing doctor. She gives you her complete attention. Her concern is for your health and achieving the best outcome for you. Immediately she makes you feel at ease and confident she will provide excellent care for you.
    Apr 29, 2023
    Dr. Zheng is absolutely outstanding! She's excellent clinically and has a wonderful personality. She is conscientous and very caring.
    Apr 25, 2023
    Excellent experience!
    Apr 22, 2023
    Been seen by her before
    Apr 05, 2023
    Dr. Zheng listens and provides answers that are to the point with layman's clarity.
    Apr 03, 2023
    Dr. Zheng is a great doctor but she's always in a rush when I see her. My appointment is 15 minutes long. I don't mind if she's late but she should at least give me my 15 minutes. I never see her for that long. I want to discuss more questions with her but she's already done with the visit and even printed my after visit summary before I get a chance. I know she cares but they either need to stop overbooking her schedule or she needs to have better time management.
    Mar 22, 2023
    Very special person who really works hard to explain listen and make decisions with the patent.
    Mar 13, 2023
    Need to call for follow-up appointment instead of scheduling follow-up appointment & may not be able to have follow-up care .
    Mar 01, 2023
    Dr Zheng is excellent. My only complaints are about how hard it is to schedule appointments
    Feb 17, 2023
    She is excellent! Good listener; provides options and benefits demerits; understood my issues; great sense of urgency and excellent communicator; empathetic. Great doctor
    Feb 15, 2023
    A very caring physician I am very grateful that I have her as my doctor
    Feb 12, 2023
    Great Doctor
    Feb 11, 2023
    Dr. Zheng is an excellent compassionate doctor who truly cares about me.
    Feb 11, 2023
    The care I received from Dr. Patricia Zheng exceeded my expectation. She is one of the most amazing doctors I have had the privilege of meeting. Her bedside manner puts you at ease and makes you feel safe and comfortable in her hands. You know she truly cares for her patient's well-being and wants to do the very best for them.
    Feb 06, 2023
    Dr Zheng is one of the most caring doctors I've encountered. She is thorough & goes beyond to ensure quality of care. I've recommended her to my family.
    Jan 30, 2023
    Dr. Zheng is an amazing physician. I am always surprised by how much effort she has put in to become fully informed of all medical events since our last meeting. She listens very carefully and always makes positive suggestions. I recommend this doctor without any reservation.
    Jan 30, 2023
    Caring doctor
    Jan 14, 2023
    This appointment was a follow up for MRI's. Although I informed UCSF the same day that I had the MRI's the provider did not have the imaging at the time of my appointment and was unable to go over results. The provider did have the written results but not the MRI's themselves. One MRI was done 4 months prior to the appointment and the other was completed one month prior to the appointment. It is not acceptable that there was no follow up to get the imaging available to the provider for my appointment. My results from my UCSF provider were therefore delayed and at my appointment I was told that she would get back to me after she was able to have her radiologist review my MRI's. A complete waste of an appointment.
    Dec 29, 2022
    One always feels the pressure of time in clinical visits these days but given that Dr Zheng provided genuine attention and thought to my case. Much appreciated. I did notice that some items in the scribe's medical note were not correct
    Dec 25, 2022
    Goodness seems to matter
    Dec 23, 2022
    Dr. Patricia Zheng was very helpful.
    Dec 20, 2022
    The doctor was knowledgeable patient kind and caring l felt very comfortable and trusted she was looking after my best interest.
    Dec 11, 2022
    Dr Zhong Zheng was very thorough in her explanations going above and beyond to find answers to some of my symptoms even outside her normal area of practice. I appreciate the care and dedication of her to find out answers holistically and not to just focus on her own area of speciality. For that I am grateful.
    Dec 02, 2022
    Doctor's care has been excellent but I am not in position to recommend specialists to anyone.
    Nov 30, 2022
    Very happy!
    Nov 29, 2022
    Dr Zheng is wonderful caring professional and thorough. So grateful to have her my care team!!!
    Nov 15, 2022
    My experience been predominantly exellant with all associated with this department. However there Is a wide range of personnel's ability to be compassionate. But to have found through my own research this department is superb. However I remain concerned my Primary Physician whom I like and know is very competent wasn't aware of this Department and refer me 3 years ago much less any other Physician I was seeing at the time. I have " fallen through too many cracks" as the saying goes. I do suffer some alienation because of some others professionals " mistakes
    Nov 03, 2022
    Dr. Zheng is a superlative physician. She always goes over and above to address my condition and concerns.
    Oct 30, 2022
    Dr. Zheng was very professional and through she offered treatments and hope for relief and recovery. Very conscientious.
    Oct 24, 2022
    Dr. Zheng is always prepared and familiar not just with the orthopedic issue but other relevant medical conditions.
    Oct 21, 2022
    The comment about Covid testing was about injection procedure.
    Sep 30, 2022
    All Dr. Zheng has ever done is recommended some people for me that I requested and some that she requested that turned out to be no good. My last visit with her was a joke. I waited several months for it. She said that she was going to contact a radiologist in terms of my recent MRIs. Especially regarding my cervical syrinx. When I arrived there. She brought in 2 people. Didn't even introduce them. I asked who they were. Then when I asked about what the radiologist said about the syrinx all she said was that he said that I have one. Which of course I already knew. There was also nothing done or said about my thoracic or lumbar MRIs. She never even asked how I was doing or about any other treatments I was receiving. I felt very rushed during our visit. I also found out that she does treatments for the spine that may or may not help me but she has never offered them to me. She has just said that all she can do for me is get me referrals. My PCP does that as one of his many awesome things for me as a PCP. She does nothing that a physiatrist should do. I had one in my previous state for over 15 years that did many treatments for my spine and my head.
    Sep 25, 2022
    Sep 12, 2022
    Dr Zheng is one of the best clinicians I have ever had the pleasure of interactng with!
    Aug 29, 2022
    Fantastic doctor. So thoughtful caring. She really listened and remembered.
    Aug 29, 2022
    Dr. Zheng is amazing.
    Aug 18, 2022
    Fantastic caring Doctor
    Aug 08, 2022
    She listened knew the history and engaged the patient and famliy in care decision planning. She was knoweldgeable but also honest when she wasn't sure about something.
    Jul 30, 2022
    I would recommend my provider to all my friends and family. My doctor was very caring and let me know of everything she was doing and apologized when I had discomfort.
    Jul 30, 2022
    Dr Zheng is terrific. Great listener shows care makes space for the patient to express questions or concerns. Seems rare for specialists so very much appreciated.
    Jul 18, 2022
    Very accommodating and thorough.Loked alot
    Jun 06, 2022
    Dr Zheng is amazing
    May 20, 2022
    Very attentive and caring.
    May 06, 2022
    I have concerns about the effectiveness of the follow-up care proposed.
    Apr 30, 2022
    So many things she talked about it got overwhelming at times
    Apr 24, 2022
    Dr. Zheng is very knowledgeable thorough and professional. She was not rushed during the visit. She was very focused on listening carefully and then explaining her impression and recommendations. I feel very confident in her excellent care and appreciative of her kindness.
    Apr 09, 2022
    Dr. Zheng is a top-notch clinician. Very sharp knowledgable understands where patient is coming from. Personable makes helpful suggestions about adjunct care (easy-to-obtain SI brace). Coordinates care with PT.
    Apr 05, 2022
    Never again would I see her.
    Mar 12, 2022
    I really like her as a doctor. She's very professional & has a caring attitude.
    Mar 03, 2022
    Dr Zheng was very thorough. She showed me my spine x-ray and the nerve are in question. She explained how the shot may affect me. Much appreciated.