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Paul J. Sampognaro



Dr. Paul J. Sampognaro is a neurologist who specializes in caring for patients with neuromuscular disorders, including myasthenia gravis, peripheral neuropathy, myopathy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also called ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease).

In his research, Sampognaro investigates how ALS develops at the molecular level.

Sampognaro earned his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. At UCSF, he completed a residency in neurology and a fellowship in neuromuscular medicine.

  • Education

    Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 2014

  • Residencies

    UCSF, Neurology, 2018

  • Fellowships

    UCSF , Neuromuscular Medicine, 2019

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    143 Ratings
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    Jul 08, 2023
    Dr. Paul S was very friendly and checked me thouroly He will run another test to determine my condition
    Jul 01, 2023
    Dr Sampognaro is fantastic. He possesses a combination rare in a doctor- expertise knowledge humility humor patience empathy open mindedness not rushed listens and responds to all concerns insightful goes above and beyond in keeping track of patients - late into the night if needed. I cannot say enough positives about him.
    Jul 01, 2023
    Wonderful experience!1
    Jun 17, 2023
    Dr Sampognaro is outstanding in the care he provides
    Jun 07, 2023
    Dr Sampognaro is the most sensitive caring knowledgeable doctor I have ever worked with
    Jun 03, 2023
    Dr. Sampognaro is extremely caring compassionate and knowledgeable. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be in his care!
    Apr 29, 2023
    One of the most caring attentive thorough and empathic doctors I've ever seen.
    Apr 25, 2023
    Dr. Paul Sampognaro and the whole team were very kind and caring.
    Apr 16, 2023
    This doctor is truly amazing I am a psychologist and I have to say that he is truly the mark by which everyone should try and achieve to.
    Apr 15, 2023
    Dr. Sampognaro is not very good. He is Excelent! He is detailed shows amazing interest in looking and describing the best solutions. Great doctor and human being. I have the greatest appreciation for his care and professionalism.
    Apr 03, 2023
    Dr. Sampognaro and the other providers are some of the most empathetic and knowledgeable providers I have ever encountered.
    Mar 29, 2023
    This was my first visit with Dr Sampognaro. He clearly had reviewed all of my lab results and had a plan in mind for follow up.
    Mar 19, 2023
    Exceptional level of care from Dr Paul Sampognaro. He was thoughtful respectful knowledgeable and clearly prepared on my case ahead of our appointment. Even though he doesn't have a clear diagnosis for my condition he came up with a follow-up plan that makes sense and took the time to explain his reasoning.
    Mar 15, 2023
    We absolutely love Dr. Paul. He always helps us with ALL our concerns.
    Mar 11, 2023
    Dr Sampognaro is fantastic- he has empathy tremendous knowledge patience he listens he explains.
    Mar 11, 2023
    Great Doctor.I will gladly recommend him to anyone that needs a great doctor.
    Feb 13, 2023
    He made me feel at home and was desirous of solving my problem. I felt really happy and relaxed talking with him.
    Feb 12, 2023
    Excellent doctor
    Feb 11, 2023
    I would highly recommend the positions and all of the staff at this medical center
    Feb 11, 2023
    Dr Sampognaro is the best in all he does
    Jan 30, 2023
    Good experience
    Jan 29, 2023
    Dr. Sampognaro was extremely kind patient compassionate and thorough. We had seen a different neurologist in another care group previously and it was a horrible experience. Dr. Sampognaro's knowledge and bedside manner are phenomenal. I have also been able to email Dr. Sampognaro and quickly receive information and answers. Our interactions with him have been beyond all expectations and we would enthusiastically recommended Dr. Sampognaro and team to others.
    Jan 16, 2023
    Dr Sampognaro is fantastic
    Jan 07, 2023
    Dr Sam is the best
    Dec 19, 2022
    Dr. Sampognaro is gifted MD and a great Human being. I'm very thankful he is taking care of my case.
    Dec 17, 2022
    He is an excellent doctor and person- he listens. Explains things is patient and knowledgeable he reads the file and tests before seeing you . Is wonderful doctor
    Oct 31, 2022
    Doctor was excellent.
    Oct 31, 2022
    I am grateful that I was given the time to present my case. That left very little time for anything else! Well almost!
    Oct 10, 2022
    We are grateful for Dr Sampognaro
    Oct 04, 2022
    Very knowledgeable doctor easy to converse with.
    Oct 03, 2022
    I think I finally have a neurologist I can trust
    Oct 01, 2022
    Dr. Sampognaro was AAAAA+++++. More than kind professional evaluated options clearly explained my particular circumstances and listened and answered all my concerns and then some. I'm beyond grateful to have found him for my treatment. He is an excellent physician who exercises the utmost care and respect for his patients.
    Sep 24, 2022
    Offered suggestions and steps forward while trying to diagnose the situation. First time in 3 years a doctor has been willing to keep looking for answers.
    Sep 19, 2022
    Dr. Sampognaro is great! He was a bit early which was appreciated. He listens well without interrupting. He explains things very well without going into esoteric details. He showed a caring attitude. He is very knowledgeable about my Issues. He explained In detail what my treatment options were and let me make the decision.
    Sep 12, 2022
    Wonderful physician. Smart thorough and excellent bedside manner
    Sep 03, 2022
    Cannot express myself how deeply appreciate it I was with the providers questions and answers to help my issues
    Aug 30, 2022
    Doctor Sampognaro is the very best doctor I have ever been to. He is so knowledgeable and caring.
    Aug 27, 2022
    Took time to go over every detail and consideration
    Aug 21, 2022
    No bad experience other than a long wait.
    Aug 01, 2022
    Dr Sampognaro is outstanding All doctors should be like him
    Jul 28, 2022
    I have been ill for 5 years and have struggled to find local care that has been truly caring and willing to put in the time needed to help me with my struggle. Well that problem ended with my appointment with this provider. All I can say is excellent and thankyou!!
    Jul 26, 2022
    He outshone his older colleagues for the additional information he gave me ( that I did not know enough to request) and the respect he showed me.
    Jun 06, 2022
    Dr. Sampognaro is a caring physician. He listens well and definitely includes my input in my care.
    May 31, 2022
    Excellent doctor. Was informed of my history spent significant time with me without rushing and demonstrated intent to help me and further research my condition.
    Apr 11, 2022
    This doctor addressed my concerns with kindness and genuine concern of my emotions. Also answered questions from my family members with the same response including thoroughness.
    Apr 02, 2022
    I really liked this care provider and thought he did an excellent job listening and exploring the cause of my medical problem.
    Mar 26, 2022
    Dr Sampognaro is the best
    Feb 08, 2022
    Verbally stated two tests would be needed. One ordered (with a 3-month wait) and second one not ordered yet.
    Jan 29, 2022
    I do not feel the care provider validated the true pain I experience a day. By placing my condition in a specific category (idiopathic) it is assumed that I will experience less pain live a normal life and my disease will not affect my my life. This is far from the truth. I don't feel he heard me. In addition I have other symptoms that were not added on because he cut me short and quickly placed me in the idiopathic category when my other symptoms could have included food for thought for another problem.
    Jan 11, 2022
    There are a few delays; however they are 100% related to the significant rise of COVID. UCSF has done an extraordinary job of keeping "well patients" protected as the Facility is working diligently to manage COVID spike. As a patient with an immunocompromised health condition I appreciate the hard work UCSF is doing to avoid any iatrogenic issues with its "well" patients.
    Oct 23, 2021
    Like every other time I had a very positive experience with this provider. He listened explained and gave me his expert opinion. He was very compassionate. I wish more providers care about their patients like this provider does.