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Rochelle S. Zak


Sleep medicine specialist

Dr. Rochelle Zak is a sleep medicine specialist who cares for patients with sleep disorders, including restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, parasomnia (abnormal behaviors that occur during sleep) and insomnia. She has a particular interest in helping patients manage restless legs syndrome (RLS).

Zak's research focuses on sleep in women in midlife as well as the different ways that RLS may be seen in patients.

Zak earned her medical degree at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She completed residencies in neurology at New York – Presbyterian Hospital. She completed fellowships in neuro-ophthalmology at Montefiore Medical Center and at North Shore Medical Center and sleep medicine at New York – Presbyterian Hospital.

Zak volunteers with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, serving on the guidelines advisory panel. She is also a member of the executive committee of the International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group.

  • Education

    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, 1987

  • Residencies

    New York – Presbyterian Hospital, Neurology, 1993

  • Fellowships

    Montefiore Medical Center, Neuro-ophthalmology, 1994

    North Shore Medical Center, Neuro-ophthalmology, 1995

    New York – Presbyterian Hospital, Sleep Medicine, 1998

  • Academic Title

    Associate Professor

I believe my patients should understand their sleep disorders to the same degree I do. I aim to educate them, so we can work as partners.

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    Overall Experience
    159 Ratings
    About our process
    Nov 21, 2023
    She seemed really knowledgeable especially since this was the first time we'd met.
    Nov 17, 2023
    Dr Zak was excellent
    Oct 14, 2023
    Dr. Zak is wonderful but the front office needs help.
    Sep 25, 2023
    The team in the UCSF Pain Clinic are attentive and work hard to ease the pains and frustrations of being injured> I appreciate all their efforts.
    Sep 23, 2023
    Dr. Zak offers solutions to my issues d alternatives in case the first option doesn't work. She exis very thorough in her approach to my issues obviously gained from years of experience.
    Aug 09, 2023
    Dr Zak is a direct and clear communicator. I would not describe her as a good listener however.
    Aug 04, 2023
    Dr Zak is brilliant I say
    Jul 28, 2023
    Felt like we were in the same room but more importantly felt like I was speaking with an expert and an expert that cared.
    Jul 18, 2023
    Dr. Zak is an exceptional clinician. Highly knowledgeable exceptionally experienced and thorough.
    Jul 13, 2023
    I had trouble finding the office and I arrived late. I really appreciate the whole team and the doctor working with me to make sure they could get me in so that I could get the care that I needed!
    Jun 21, 2023
    Excellent communication with Dr Zak.
    Jun 21, 2023
    Dr. Zak is wonderful but the staff is thoroughly incompetent.
    May 21, 2023
    Dr. Zak is superb!
    May 12, 2023
    The consultation was rushed because she assumed that I would be checking MyChart randomly to do a necessary pre consultation survey. Ridiculous. Someone on staff needed to speak to me directly and explain what I needed to do and how to find it.
    May 04, 2023
    Even though my questionnaires were not received and I was not informed that they were not received I felt the outcome was positive. In the future it would be helpful if the scheduler or the physician assistant was to advise the patient prior to the visit that the documents or forums had not been received so that this could be remedied prior to the visit.
    Apr 30, 2023
    Dr. Zak is the most engaged inquisitive and communicative doctor of any type that I have ever had. She is open professional thorough and detailed in her questioning analysis and diagnosis.
    Mar 21, 2023
    She is a great Doctor
    Mar 10, 2023
    Dr Zak is the best. She is knowledgeable and thorough. Has a great amount of expertise that she communicates in a understandable fashion. She is kind and considerate.
    Mar 08, 2023
    Excellent doctor. She cares about me is knowledgeable and I have complete trust in her.
    Mar 05, 2023
    Dr Zak was excellent and really helped me out.
    Mar 03, 2023
    Dr. Zak is superb!
    Feb 23, 2023
    Dr. Rochelle Zak was wonderful! She was kind caring compassionate and thorough.
    Jan 21, 2023
    Dr. Zak is extremely responsive and conscientious about listening and always explains her reasoning. She answers questions well and considers my input.
    Jan 12, 2023
    Dr Zak is awesome!
    Dec 31, 2022
    Provider is excellent but the clinic needs more staffing for customer contact
    Dec 30, 2022
    Very thorough careful thoughtful
    Nov 15, 2022
    My concerns with the feasibility and efficacy of the proposed solutions were summarily dismissed. Not sure if there simply aren't any other options or Dr. Zak refuses to consider them or doesn't know about them or didn't take my concerns seriously. It felt like the latter. I have very little optimism after my visit that either proposed treatment will make me feel any better. One of the suggestions was weight loss but no knowledge of status of UCSF weight loss clinic and no referrals to anyone else who can help. It's something Ive been struggling with all my life and I was treated as If I had never tried to lose weight. No helpful suggestions. Felt like I got the bare minimum recommendations with no consideration for my circumstances.
    Nov 03, 2022
    Dr Zak was perfect for me!
    Aug 01, 2022
    She is very busy with all her patients. She is over worked.
    May 21, 2022
    Love my doctor Rochelle Zak. Her treatment plan has made a huge difference in my everyday life.
    May 18, 2022
    Dr Zak is a very excellent physician. She is very friendly and kind it's so pleasure to see her warm smiling. She also responded my questions very prompt.
    Apr 22, 2022
    Answer to all questions are 5. Dr Zak is outstanding! She is caring compasinate and truoy looks for answers.
    Apr 16, 2022
    Dr. Zak is the best!
    Apr 09, 2022
    Her notes always include clear instructions about medication adjustments.
    Mar 26, 2022
    I can't say enough praise for Dr Zak and her care.
    Mar 03, 2022
    Dr Zak Is so thoughtful and follows up thoroughly with each question posed.
    Mar 03, 2022
    Talked fast. She didn't want to run out of time.
    Feb 23, 2022
    When I speak with Dr. Zaks I am treated as an intelligent patient and I really appreciate this.

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