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Salvatore Spina


Neuroscientist and fine dining connoisseur

Dr. Salvatore Spina is a behavioral neurologist who cares for patients with degenerative, vascular, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions that cause problems with memory, thinking or language, or personality changes. This includes Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Lewy body disease, frontotemporal dementia and various conditions that cause aphasia, which is loss of the ability to speak or to understand speech. He also treats patients with movement disorders accompanied by cognitive and behavioral symptoms, including those affected by corticobasal syndrome, progressive supranuclear palsy and motor neuron diseases.

Spina's research investigates the relationship between cognitive changes and behavioral changes in patients with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Parkinson's disease and other conditions that destroy the cells for such voluntary movements as walking, speaking and swallowing. He specifically examines inflammation in the brain, lost neurons and synapses, and brain changes that indicate disease progression. His study tools include evaluation of neurological symptoms, results from neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging with magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography, and checking genetic or other kinds of biomarkers (measurable substances that can indicate disease). He is a member of the UCSF Neurodegenerative Disease Brain Bank, which uses donated nervous system tissue to further scientific understanding of these conditions.

Spina earned his medical degree from the University of Catania. He completed a residency in neurology at the University of Siena, where he also earned a doctoral degree studying how neurodegenerative diseases arise when nerve cells lose their structure or function. He then completed a residency in neurology at Indiana University and a fellowship in behavioral neurology at UCSF.

Spina is a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Academy of Neurology and American Association of Neuropathologists. As a researcher, he has been honored by the European Confederation of Neuropathological Societies and Hellenic Society of Neuropathology.

  • Education

    University of Catania, 1999

    University of Siena, PhD, Neurodegeneration, 2009

  • Residencies

    University of Siena, Neurology, 2005

    Indiana University School of Medicine, Neurology, 2013

  • Fellowships

    UCSF, Behavioral Neurology, 2016

  • Board Certifications

    Neurology, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

I am dedicated to finding a cure for neurodegenerative dementia and providing my patients with the utmost care.

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    About our process
    Nov 23, 2023
    Dr. Spina is very thorough and makes the effort to understand our situation and to connect with us.
    Oct 18, 2023
    Dr Spina is great
    Sep 26, 2023
    Love dr Spina!
    Aug 24, 2023
    Follow-up care was not explained at all. I don't know what the future appointment entails.The reason for my visit was to explore possible diagnoses of prosopagnosia aphantasia and SDAM. None of those conditions were addressed nor was I told that they will be addressed in future appointments.
    Aug 15, 2023
    Wonderful from start to finish.
    Aug 09, 2023
    Excellent service. Very professional caring knowledgeable and informative. It was an outstanding experience. Thank you.
    Aug 07, 2023
    Very good
    Aug 04, 2023
    I am waiting for a list of approved psychiatrists which my care provider said I would be receiving.
    Jul 15, 2023
    From the minute we walked in the door we were treated with respect by everyone!
    Jun 06, 2023
    I wish there w was a higher rating available for Dr Spina! He is incredible! Definitely in the top .01% of all doctors
    May 04, 2023
    Dr. Spina has always been very courteous and friendly.
    Apr 13, 2023
    Very good care.
    Feb 22, 2023
    Slight audio / language difficulty. This user uses hearing aids and increased volume does not help
    Feb 16, 2023
    We are very happy with Dr. Spina.
    Feb 07, 2023
    Excellent visit and pleased with the doctors recommendations
    Jan 29, 2023
    Very good experience
    Dec 06, 2022
    Dr Spina is incredibly knowledgeable compassionate and organized. He is in the top .0001% of doctors today.
    Nov 26, 2022
    Dr Spina is absolutely in the top .000001% of doctors. He gave me compassionate factual detailed attention and left no stone unturned when trying to understand all of the symptoms to come to a diagnosis. The guy is just incredible.
    Oct 20, 2022
    This is an unusual and difficult case. Sr. Spina was very helpful in weighting symptoms and explaining possible causes.
    Oct 19, 2022
    Everyone was beyond very good.
    Jul 31, 2022
    Excellent care
    Jul 26, 2022
    We are very impressed with the caregiver and we like to tell you how fortunate we are to have people on your team is this person was
    Feb 15, 2022
    Dr. Spina is always polite and patient and throrough.
    Feb 13, 2022
    Great visit!