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Sirui (Mimi) Liu


Family physician

About me

Cisgender woman

Pronouns: She | Her | Hers

Dr. Sirui (Mimi) Liu is a family medicine doctor who provides comprehensive primary care to adults and children. She has a special interest in women's health.

Liu earned her medical degree at the St. Louis University School of Medicine. She completed a residency in family medicine at the University of California, Davis.

  • Education

    St. Louis University, MD, 2019

  • Residencies

    UC Davis Health, Family Medicine, 2022

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    Overall Experience
    144 Ratings
    About our process
    Jun 24, 2023
    Doctors tone of voice like fed up of hearing the same thing.
    Jun 14, 2023
    I'm very happy to have found Dr. Liu as my primary care physician.
    May 24, 2023
    Dr. Liu was amazing!
    May 20, 2023
    Professional friendly kind bedside manor.
    May 15, 2023
    She was horrible. Let me have a complete meltdown over my concerns. Didn't have any regards for my feelings wasn't listening zero empathy and body language was very annoyed by me speaking up. At the end she still Didn't accomplish anything and just left without being clear or adding notes about anything I talked about. Thank God for the nurse who came to help
    May 06, 2023
    It's my first experience with a PCP through a Women's Health Care Center for a male (myself). I have been had a.PCP who was a female doctor but thru a Medical Practice unit. A bit odd a first. Dr Liu was very courteous. Listened and asked Medi-Cal history questions how my health felt in general. Then provided advice on tests colonoscopy and Prostate test options with pros and cons. Said it's all a personal comfort decision. I felt I was in good hands with this medical visitation.
    Apr 27, 2023
    The doctor listened to my concerns and was very helpful.
    Apr 17, 2023
    Loved Dr Liu
    Apr 01, 2023
    Mar 29, 2023
    Dr. Liu is very kind attentive and considerate.
    Mar 17, 2023
    Dr Liu was an excellent listener as well as a great educator. She really took time during my appointment to ask detailed questions and to prompt me to see if I had any ailments that were concerning me. She created an atmosphere of professionalism and safety that can be difficult to make when there's such high patient loads in hospitals and clinics.
    Mar 16, 2023
    She was inexperienced in her practice area so I pursuaded her why I need certain blood tests at this time. Her initial decision was only once a year medical examination visit only. I was scheduled once every quarter with San Francisco City hospital before. She seemed that she did not read my health records. It was a hard time to persuade it at her first visit.
    Mar 02, 2023
    Excellent addition of Dr. Liu to Team!
    Feb 25, 2023
    Dr. Liu was kind attentive and thorough
    Feb 22, 2023
    The provider listened my concerns and took care of my conditions. She ordered some procedures right away. She is very professional and I like her.
    Feb 16, 2023
    She answered all my questions and concerns. She is not my regular GP but treated my w/ care and respect.
    Jan 20, 2023
    Jan 19, 2023
    It was an initial visit. Referrals were made and meds were refilled.
    Jan 06, 2023
    Dr. Liu was wonderfully. She listened to me and understood my concerns & symptoms.
    Dec 01, 2022
    Recommended Dr. Sirui Liu (assuming she's taking new patients).to my adult daughter who wants to change PCP.
    Nov 07, 2022
    Felt very cared for.
    Oct 10, 2022
    Care providers are always great at an in person visit. The problem with the Women's clinic is that care providers or any staff responds to messages I sent via MyChart. I wait for the hrs wait as stated in the system it but it takes 2-3 weeks if I hear at all. A nurse will call me promptly if I am sick. But if I have other type of questions like a health concern or request for referral the wait is truly unreasonable or there's actually no response at all. I feel disrespected as a patient.
    Oct 07, 2022
    This has nothing to do with the care provider since she provided the best service she could. However I did find that there seems to be no communication b/w the care provider and my primary doctor. My primary doctor knew my reason for the appt - travel related vaccination and such - and the unbeknownst care provider was caught flat-footed. She came in not knowing my reason for the visit and basically had to consult online herself thru the CDC website to give me advice which she was not sure too since she never dealt with someone traveling to India. Had she known my reason for visit in advance she could've been more prepared and perhaps could've given a better guidance. In the end I went to Passport Health where they were able to give me more solid advice on which vaccination I should receive.
    Sep 20, 2022
    This is my first experience with Dr. Sirui Liu and she was so pleasant and very easy to communicate with. She was very careful in checking all my vital signs to make sure I was ok as I had vertigo and was experiencing bad dizziness. I do so appreciate her thoroughness in checking me out.
    Sep 16, 2022
    Dr Liu was so informed and informative so thorough so kind so concerned and she made me feel like I was the only patient she would have all day--she is wonderful!

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