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Susana Ortiz-Urda


Co-director, Melanoma Center
Dermatologist and melanoma specialist

Dr. Susana Ortiz-Urda is a dermatologist and melanoma specialist who serves as co-director of the UCSF Melanoma Center. She cares for patients with early and advanced melanoma.

Ortiz-Urda’s lab works with human models of epithelial neoplasia and melanoma. She studies cancer signaling at a genetic sequencing level to identify novel transcripts, their functions and the factors that promote resistance to drugs or cancer progression. She hopes her findings may point to key biomarkers or new targets for treating melanoma.

Ortiz-Urda earned her medical degree and doctorate at the University of Vienna. She completed a residency in dermatology and a postdoctoral fellowship in epithelial biology at Stanford University, followed by a cutaneous oncology fellowship at UCSF. She earned her master of business administration degree at New York University.

Ortiz-Urda is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology, and Dermatology Foundation. She has received several honors, including the Kardinal-Innitzer Award for Outstanding Science in Dermatology and the Unilever Award from the Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology.

Learn more about Ortiz-Urda's research:

  • Education

    University of Vienna School of Medicine, 1998

  • Residencies

    UCSF Medical Center, Dermatology, 2010

    Stanford Medical Center, Dermatology, 2010

  • Board Certifications

    Dermatology, American Board of Dermatology

  • Academic Title

    Associate Professor

  • Languages



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    Overall Experience
    337 Ratings
    About our process
    Aug 31, 2023
    Exam here was expert & comprehensive....
    Aug 29, 2023
    I am grateful and impressed with Dr Ortiz. She gave me a thorough examination. HOWEVER I came to UCSF with the impression I was going to have a scan by machine. I was told the machine was fine but there was a freeze on hiring someone to run the machine That was very disappointing as my hope was to be tracked every three months for melanoma by a state of the art piece of equipment. As I said her examination was extremely thorough& I trust her.
    Aug 22, 2023
    The new doctor who saw me before Dr. Ortiz (can't remember her name) was wonderful.
    Jul 26, 2023
    Please contact me concerning this appointment. I have some serious concerns about my experience and whether legally required actions were taken.
    Jul 23, 2023
    I so appreciate Dr. Ortiz' skill experience research and her caring attitude. She is irreplaceable!
    Jul 14, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz is simply amazing.
    Jul 11, 2023
    Always appreciate Dr Ortiz's input!
    Jun 16, 2023
    Amazing dr! Shows concern and care!
    Jun 08, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz is excellent.
    Jun 06, 2023
    I believe Dr Ortiz is a God send. I have recommended her to many. She is caring friendly empathetic and I trust her with my life. She is the best!!!
    May 30, 2023
    So impressed with Dr Ortiz. I feel lucky to be in her care
    May 30, 2023
    I give a lot of money to UCSF and I go to UCSF for first rate care. I'm happy to allow a first year resident examine me and sit in but I expect my care to be given primarily by a top expert in the field not by a beginner.
    May 23, 2023
    I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Susana Ortiz-Urda. I am grateful to benefit from her her expert care her kindness and her efficiency. She is a pro!
    May 23, 2023
    Maria Susana Ortiz MD Dermatology was excellent in providing care and information.She was compassionate about a different serious problem of my primary progressive aphasia for which I am being followed by UCSF Neurology.
    May 14, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz was in a hurry to get to her appointments on Divisidaro. Took me 2+ hours to get to office due to traffic and parking problems. Even Valet was backed up so I tried parking myself. A big mistake. Ended up on top floor of garage after circling parking lots a few times and then reorienting to the right door of the building (not well marked) and doing all this on an injured knee. Made me 15' late which is perhaps why Dr. Ortiz had to rush our visit.
    May 11, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz took time to go over my concerns and was helpful.
    Apr 11, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz exudes warmth and enthusiasm. She makes me believe she cares about her patients. This was a short (10 minute ) visit and I only had one minor issue. I will note that Dr. Ortiz usually seems rushed and thus does not have the luxury of providing detailed explanations.
    Mar 28, 2023
    Doctor and her trainee were nice concerned funny and a good experience.
    Mar 21, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz is an excellent doctor. She was very professional and provided clear explanations of the care. I appreciated her kindness and general demeanor.
    Mar 15, 2023
    A biopsy was taken 10 days ago haven't received the results yet. As well full body moll mapping noResults reported. Still waiting.
    Mar 07, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz is SUPER
    Mar 07, 2023
    Dr Urda looked closely at a couple of spots that concerned me - explained the difference in them
    Feb 28, 2023
    I appreciate my doctor her knowledge and personal care. She is excellent.
    Jan 31, 2023
    Dr Ortiz is the best
    Jan 25, 2023
    I was delighted to meet with Dr. Ortiz. She's an excellent physician.
    Jan 25, 2023
    Dr. Ortiz is so wonderful. I am blessed to be under her care.
    Dec 23, 2022
    Always so caring and explains everything
    Dec 20, 2022
    Dr. Ortiz is absolutely best! I trust her knowledge and experience and know that I receive the best possible modern care for my skin problems. She explains and answers questions clear and respectful. Her kindness and compassion make me feel safe and well taken care of. Love my doctor and wish her many successful years practicing medicine the way she does it.
    Dec 13, 2022
    Dr Ortiz is why I put up with the other sub-standard service but I would prefer to avoid it.
    Nov 10, 2022
    She is a great doctor. She takes the time to listen and she explains wonderfully.
    Nov 10, 2022
    This growth was first spotted in spring 2021. It would have been better if it was treated then or during the two appointments prior to this one.
    Nov 03, 2022
    Both Dr. Ortiz and the fellow working under her advice were outstanding. I continue to be grateful for the superb care that I have been receiving from Dr. Ortiz and her team. UCSF is lucky to have her!
    Nov 01, 2022
    Dr Ortiz is wonderful. She listens carefully and is very kind.
    Oct 25, 2022
    Dr Ortiz is clearly the best doctor I've ever had. Very professional very easy to understand medical issues very polite. Always upbeat.
    Oct 20, 2022
    Excellent Care. Dr. Ortiz is the best!
    Oct 11, 2022
    This was the worst interaction I have ever had with Dr. Ortiz and her team. After waiting over 90 minutes to see her she barely even did a full scan. The entire visit was 4 minutes long. It was not a thorough scan.
    Oct 05, 2022
    I felt that my care provider was caring listened to my concerns and took appropriate action.
    Sep 27, 2022
    Dr is great. Office and staff severely lacking.
    Sep 21, 2022
    Knowledgeable and friendly
    Sep 21, 2022
    I really like Dr. Ortiz. She is an excellent doctor that I feel comfortable to refer people to. I am confident in her abilities. She listens well does what she needs to do in my annual checkup and recommends reasonable options when I mention things outside of her area of expertise.
    Sep 15, 2022
    Love Dr. Ortiz! She's awesome.
    Sep 06, 2022
    Fantastic provider. Great bedside manner makes you feel at ease.
    Aug 24, 2022
    This was a follow up to remove additional basal cell tissue
    Aug 24, 2022
    I feel in very confident hands and well looked after with Doctor Ortiz
    Aug 02, 2022
    I am a loyal and devoted patient. I have been seeing her for more than a decade
    Jul 19, 2022
    Dr. Ortiz is an exceptional physician and a smart caring warm person. I am so grateful to be her patient.
    May 18, 2022
    The doctor seemed to be in a hurry to finish
    May 10, 2022
    She's very very good. Just the scheduling etc needs to improve and because of that I may be hesitant to recommend the Dr/facility
    May 05, 2022
    Apr 26, 2022
    Provider always gives great care!
    Mar 15, 2022
    Dr. Ortiz is truly exceptional. One of the best and most qualified physicians I have ever met. I am a medical professional myself - and I took notes on how well she listened her kind demeanor and her clear and direct answers. She is a major asset to her department and the medical center. A master clinician
    Mar 15, 2022
    Resident not as experienced as he seemed confident
    Mar 01, 2022
    She is a phenomenal doctor. Caring kind extremely skilled and collaborative.
    Feb 16, 2022
    Dr Ortiz is clear concise and concerned
    Jan 25, 2022
    Several items listed as "discussed" in my visit summary were not actually discussed such as possible side effects from upcoming surgery.
    Jan 11, 2022
    Dr. Ortiz is fabulous! She is very thorough in her examinations of my skin explains what she is observing and doing along the way and has the perfect combination of professionalism and personality. I could not be happier with the care that I receive from her.
    Jan 11, 2022
    Excellent experience
    Dec 15, 2021
    Dr. Ortiz is great in every respect. Her manner sets me completely at ease and gives me confidence in her command of my needs.
    Dec 11, 2021
    I felt like Dr. Was hyper and felt rushed. Was like a whirlwind
    Dec 08, 2021
    Very clear and concise explanations.
    Dec 01, 2021
    Dr. Ortiz always takes the time to be sure any concerns are addressed as well as connecting on a personal level to see how I'm doing in general. Much appreciated
    Nov 30, 2021
    Dr. Ortiz is the absolutely best!
    Nov 30, 2021
    I found Dr Ortiz to be excellent.
    Nov 17, 2021
    She was great a pleasure to work with!
    Nov 09, 2021
    Dr. Ortiz is a wonderful person and a caring competent physician.
    Oct 27, 2021
    She is an amazing Doctor.