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Tom F. Lue


Longtime innovative researcher on male sexual dysfunction

Dr. Tom Lue is an internationally recognized expert on treatment of male sexual dysfunction. In 1983, he was one of the first urologists in the country to offer penile injections for erectile dysfunction. He is vice chair of the UCSF Department of Urology and medical director of the Knuppe Molecular Urology Laboratory.

Lue's research team proved that a new class of compounds enhances erection in animals, providing the scientific basis for Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, the most popular medications used to treat erectile dysfunction. Lue and his associates also developed the first animal model to study Peyronie's disease – a condition in which scar tissue causes the penis to curve – and introduced pentoxifylline for treatment.

Lue graduated with highest honors from the Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan and completed his urologic training at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. He received the Ferdinand C. Valentine Fellowship Award for Research in Urology from the New York Academy of Medicine to study the neurophysiology of the genitourinary tract at UCSF.

Lue has won numerous honors, including the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Urological Association and an award for most innovative research from the American Foundation of Urologic Disease. He has authored or co-authored more than 380 publications and 12 books on male sexual dysfunction.

  • Education

    Kaohsiung Medical University, 1972

  • Residencies

    SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Urology, 1981

  • Fellowships

    UCSF, Urology, 1982

  • Board Certifications

    Urology, American Board of Urology

  • Academic Title


  • Languages


My patients are my teachers, friends and inspirations for innovation.

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    Overall Experience
    338 Ratings
    About our process
    Dec 03, 2023
    I am waiting for scheduling of follow up care/visit.
    Dec 01, 2023
    Very straight and to the point. We discussed all treatment options and came to a positive outcome.
    Nov 25, 2023
    Dr. Tom Lue is an excellent physician with terrific interpersonal skills
    Oct 15, 2023
    I felt the doctor was a bit rushed. When I asked questions he interrupted me several times with answers to the question he assumed I was going to ask (but not the question I was asking). My medical problem is troubling and I wished Dr. Lue had not seemed to be in a hurry so I could have thought through my questions more carefully.
    Oct 13, 2023
    Very good experience with medical and administrative staff.
    Oct 11, 2023
    Very good
    Oct 11, 2023
    Highly recommend Dr. Lue he always takes time and is an expert in what he does.
    Oct 08, 2023
    Dr. Lue is an excellent and caring physician. He Is very empathetic about my medical condition.
    Oct 07, 2023
    Thank you so much Dr. Lue!
    Oct 02, 2023
    I thought Dr. Tom Lue was among the best doctors I've met in the medical profession. Very personal great sense of humor and yet thorough in his review of and diagnosis of my condition. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others with the same conditions I have.
    Sep 20, 2023
    Dr. Lue and staff are exceptional!
    Sep 15, 2023
    I drive 2 1/2 hrs. Each way to see Dr.L.I am very satisfied.
    Sep 13, 2023
    Sep 13, 2023
    Doctor is awesome!
    Sep 06, 2023
    Dr. Lue is an outstanding physician. He is very personable and empathetic about my medical condition.
    Aug 26, 2023
    Thank you for everything
    Aug 24, 2023
    I look forward to meeting Dr. Lue in person as soon as possible. He proposed some test to assess my condition and then make a more informed decision as to how to proceed with reducing symptoms.
    Aug 23, 2023
    Dr Lue has been fantastic.
    Aug 12, 2023
    I have one more question for the Dr.
    Aug 12, 2023
    I really appreciated Dr. Lue bringing a light and humorous mood to a very uncomfortable topic of discussion.
    Jul 12, 2023
    I had excellent experience with the the care provider this is what encourages me to drive 2hours to come come to my appointment
    Jul 03, 2023
    Dr. Lue was sensitive but had a sense of humor that helped put me at ease. As knowledgeable as could be.
    Jun 28, 2023
    Outstanding. Better than very good.
    Jun 25, 2023
    Could have used a bit more thoughtful explanation of what to expect and post procedure expectations / care.
    Jun 07, 2023
    He is a gifted highly empathetic human being.
    May 24, 2023
    Dr. Lue is an excellent clinician who is very personable compassionate and has a great sense of humor.
    May 22, 2023
    It a pleasure dealing with Dr Lue and his supporting staff.
    May 17, 2023
    Dr. Lu and has staff were a delight to work with!
    May 16, 2023
    Dr Lue was great. He made me feel very at ease.
    May 14, 2023
    Dr. Lue is truly one of a kind. One of the best doctors and nicest human beings I have ever encountered.
    May 12, 2023
    Could have given more info on what to expect after Initial treatment: ei bruising swelling & how to manage that.
    May 12, 2023
    Dr. Lue is a doctor who is a model for what medical care should be. I so so happy that he is my doctor.
    May 05, 2023
    He didn't really give me a chance to ask questions (and I have multiple) before he walked out. I was scheduled for a 30-minute visit but it lasted no longer than 15. I was waiting a long time for this visit with the intention of discussing Issues that have been distressing me a lot so It was disappointing to not be given the chance to ask questions or even be asked whether I have any questions.
    Apr 12, 2023
    Dr. Lue is an excellent physician. He is very personable & empathetic. He thoroughly explained everything about my condition & the treatment plan I will pursue.
    Mar 26, 2023
    Turns out he was the wrong Dr. To be talking with.
    Mar 22, 2023
    Yes it's all good and I could recommend to others
    Mar 19, 2023
    Dr. Lue skillfully uses humor one would expect from a stand up comedian to help his patients get past embarassment over talking about dysfunctional ing penises.He could take his brand of humor on the road for sure!
    Mar 03, 2023
    I have faith that my medical situation is in the bests hands available. I appreciate your help.
    Mar 01, 2023
    Always perfect
    Feb 27, 2023
    Dr Lue is the best
    Feb 17, 2023
    Dr Lue is the Man!!
    Feb 01, 2023
    Amazingly wonderful handling a delicate issue with my autistic son. It's hard to find medical providers who know how to communicate with him. Dr. Lue was outstanding!!
    Jan 29, 2023
    Dr. Lue is the best and makes you feel at ease with the treatment
    Jan 25, 2023
    Dr lue is excellent!
    Jan 11, 2023
    There is no doubt Dr Lue is my favorite doctor of all time. He's an excellent doctor and I'm always in sync with him as he does his thing. I'd highly recommend him to anyone with a need for a urologist specialist.
    Dec 13, 2022
    Dr. Lue is the kindest and most compassionate and overall best doctor I have ever run across in all my years.
    Nov 02, 2022
    I felt Dr Lue seemed rushed and he did not delve into my psychological feelings about my condition. For example my case is a low level of acute but would still like to address the effects and I feel since my condition is not grave I was dismissed from any real therapy.
    Oct 21, 2022
    Excellent better than very good
    Oct 15, 2022
    I was extremely pleased with Dr. Lue's care. He listened to my concerns discussed options and recommended a course of action which I am following. On a personal level he was charming and put me and my wife at ease.
    Oct 09, 2022
    Dr. Lue has very good bedside manor.
    Oct 05, 2022
    Dr Lue was the very best in every way as were his assistants. The whole experience was very very good. My highest recommendation.
    Sep 25, 2022
    Dr. Lue is an excellent doctor!!!
    Sep 17, 2022
    I would highly recommend Tom Lue. He is a top tier urologist.
    Sep 16, 2022
    Dr. Lue is quite simply the finest example of a professional I have encountered.
    Sep 16, 2022
    So far so good
    Sep 09, 2022
    Dr. Lue is not only top-notch clinically but is tremendous at easing anxiety created by my current medical condition.
    Sep 01, 2022
    Dr. Lue has many jokes all of which repeat themselves.. They become very unfunny and inappropriate quickly. He spends more time joking then offering support or answering serious questions. Jokes make me feel incredibly uncomfortableeven more so when he involves the nurse . When I ask him questions he says look at the pamphlet. Honestly I can't believe Dr. Lue still operates in this way I can not be the only one who has felt this.
    Aug 15, 2022
    Aug 10, 2022
    Great experience
    Jul 29, 2022
    Dr Tom Lue is incredibly smart and super professional care giver !!!!!!!!!!
    Jul 20, 2022
    I am so appreciative of Dr. Lue and his staff
    Jul 16, 2022
    Excellent visit with appropriate recommendations
    Jul 15, 2022
    Dr Lue listens intently with empathy to my very sensitive mefical problem His explanations are thoughtful condice and clear. He is clearly one of the best in his field and I feel honored to be under his care even if my options are limited.
    Jul 06, 2022
    I wish all my doctors where as caring as Dr Lue
    Jun 06, 2022
    I don't think its the doctors fault. I just have a difficult time with technology sometimes. I don't know how to upload the photos the doctor asked for?
    Apr 25, 2022
    Apr 22, 2022
    It was all very professionally done
    Apr 17, 2022
    His demeanor is friendly even using humor and it helped put me at ease about my issues!
    Apr 13, 2022
    No follow-up yet?
    Mar 31, 2022
    Dr. Lue is very experienced and has a great bedside manner. My only complaint(minor) about my visit is I wish I was more informed of my treatment options. After my procedure I was told I needed a penile traction device. I was not aware that it was not covered by insurance nor was I informed of any other options. It was a surprise to me that I have to purchase this device for . I only wish that I was informed of this sooner. Again the doctor is very good.
    Mar 09, 2022
    Dr Lue makes you feel at ease with the sometimes embarrassing situation.
    Mar 04, 2022
    Dr Lue is so nice and good at his job
    Mar 04, 2022
    No problem whatsoever enjoyed My visit
    Feb 24, 2022
    Dr. Tom Lue is the most caring passionate skillful and professional physician I have ever known. I had over 100 doctors been seen for the last 65 yrs.
    Feb 18, 2022
    Dr. Tom Lue is the best doctor imaginable. He listens he explains and he is funny and kind. He's also very knowledgeable.