UCSF Medical Center provides healthy, convenient dining options for patients, visitors and staff. Find information below on our hospital room service, cafeterias and more.

Room service

At any of our campuses, hospitalized patients can select from a daily menu and have meals delivered to their bedside. Similar to room service in a hotel, patients choose what they want and when. You can order by phone or through the interactive patient care system on your television or bedside tablet, and the food will arrive within 60 minutes. You may also place orders for delivery the following day.

Room service
(415) 353-1111 (or 3-111 from a hospital phone)
7 a.m. - 8 p.m.

When you place an order, our kitchen system and clerk will know from the electronic health record whether you have any food allergies and whether your doctor has prescribed a particular diet for you. The clerk will work with you to find appropriate menu items.

Room service is free for patients. Visitors can order meals for a nominal fee.

If you have special requests or wish to bring food from home, please check with your nurse. For your health and safety, we have guidelines on storing food brought into the hospital.

For more information, including to see the daily menu, visit UCSF Nutrition & Food Services.