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The UCSF Cardiac Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Service is known worldwide for expert evaluation and treatment of patients with a variety of heart rhythm disorders. Cardiac electrophysiology – a subspecialty of cardiology that focuses on the heart's electrical activity – is a rapidly growing field on the forefront of efforts to find new treatments and cures for arrhythmias.

With a history of innovation, UCSF's electrophysiology service has played a leading role in the tremendous advances recently made in assessing and treating abnormal heart rhythms. In the 1980s, doctors at UCSF Medical Center pioneered the use of catheter ablation, a highly successful treatment to disrupt an abnormal electrical signal that is causing an arrhythmia. Today, we use this technique to resolve a variety of cardiac arrhythmias.

Our team of experienced electrophysiologists, nurses and technicians is devoted to the care of patients with abnormal heartbeats. We perform more than 900 procedures a year, including 400 catheter ablation procedures. This depth of experience creates the foundation for our efficiency and expertise.

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 Our service also maintains a vigorous research program. Working with the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and pharmaceutical or medical device companies, we carry out clinical trials – studies of experimental therapies that often lead to more effective treatments. Our patients who choose to participate in clinical trials can benefit from access to previously unknown therapies, devices or medications that may work better for them than the traditional options. In turn, our service's involvement in research and development enhances our ability to provide specialized and personalized care to our patients.

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