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The UCSF Pulmonary Function Laboratory at Mount Zion provides comprehensive testing for lung disease and preoperative workups to test lung function before surgery.

Standard pulmonary function tests include:

  • Blood gas measurement.
  • Diffusing capacity.
  • Exercise testing (the six-minute walk test) – Evaluates oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, measured with a probe attached to the finger or ear.
  • Lung volume – A special gas mixture is inhaled, then slowly exhaled, allowing lung volume to be measured.
  • Spirometry – Measures volume and speed of inhaled and exhaled air.

More specialized tests include:

  • Maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressures – Measures strength of respiratory muscles.
  • Maximal voluntary ventilation – Measures amount of air inhaled and exhaled in one minute.
  • Methacholine challenge – Methacholine causes airways to contract in people with asthma. Patients inhale methacholine aerosol mist before and after spirometry, and if lung function drops by at least 20 percent, the result indicates asthma.

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    An Observational Study of Beta-Blocker Use in Patients With COPD and Acute MI

    Results of this Aim will provide data about the prevalence of COPD in the hospitalized population with AMI in our network.


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