Heart and Vascular Disease: The Facts

Cardiovascular disease — disorders of the heart or blood vessels — is the number one cause of death and disability among men and women in the United States. The statistics are staggering:

  • 950,000 people die from cardiovascular disease each year. That is twice the number of cancer deaths, 25 times the number of AIDS-related deaths and 10 times the number of accidental deaths.
  • Cardiovascular disease accounts for more than half of all deaths in women.
  • Stroke strikes 600,000 people each year.
  • Around 10 percent of stroke sufferers recover fully, 30 percent die and 60 percent become disabled.
  • The annual cost of caring for disabled stroke survivors is $8 million.

Despite the alarming numbers, cardiovascular-related deaths are declining. Since the 1940s, virtually all increases in life expectancy have been due to the reduction of cardiovascular-related deaths. This is due in large part to new technology and treatments.


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