Spine Rapid Case Review

The Spine Center at UCSF Medical Center provides a rapid case review, within 48 hours of submission, to evaluate complex, challenging spine tumor cases, including those of an urgent matter that can't wait for review at the monthly Tumor Board.

The Spine Center brings together world-renowned specialists in orthopedics, neurosurgery and other specialties to review spine tumors that are rare, difficult to diagnose or have failed previous treatment. Our team includes cancer specialists, complementary medicine specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, physiatrists, physical therapists, radiologists and rheumatologists.

If you have an urgent case that requires immediate review, please call:

Dr. Christopher Ames
Co-director of the UCSF Spine Center and UCSF Neurospinal Surgery
Phone: (415) 353-9360
Pager: (415) 443-4752