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Dr. Sue Yom is an expert in the radiation treatment and management of head, neck and lung cancers.

In her research, Yom studies chemoradiation (a combination of chemotherapy and radiation) for these cancers. She also investigates image-guided radiation therapy and ways to reduce toxic effects using focused radiation techniques, emerging biological agents and radiation protectants.

Yom earned her medical and doctoral degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. She completed a residency in radiation oncology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Yom has received numerous awards recognizing her commitment to patient care and patient-oriented research.

  • Education

    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2002

  • Residencies

    University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology, 2007

  • Board Certifications

    Radiation Oncology, American Board of Radiology

  • Academic Title


I am a passionate advocate for my patients in helping them achieve their best outcomes, both in health and quality of life.

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    Overall Experience
    131 Ratings
    About our process
    Feb 24, 2023
    Dr Y concurred with my concerns that scheduling of scans so difficult I am seeing providers before scans done will need follow up
    Feb 14, 2023
    Dr Yom is terrific
    Dec 10, 2022
    Dr.Yom is an excellent doctor and a warm person. It's always nice to see her.
    Nov 15, 2022
    If I could rate Dr Yom's professionalism I would give Excellent rating
    Nov 02, 2022
    Dr Yom is one of the best on her fields. I am lucky to be her patient. She showed empathy and recognized my extreme anxiety. After talking to her I felt more at ease despite all the unknowns
    Oct 19, 2022
    My experience with the telecom visit could not have been any better.
    Nov 28, 2021
    Referred to another department to get more information about future treatment. Not sure if I am supposed to make the appointment or if this office will do it and inform me of the date.
    Nov 26, 2021
    The provider has suggested the treatment and options for consideration.
    Oct 21, 2021
    This provider and is caring & thoughtful. Talks to me in layman's terms. Makes it so easy to understand what's going on and how I'm doing.
    Oct 20, 2021
    Dr. Yom is a superior physician. She has a wonderful manner with me as the patient. I always look forward to visiting with her
    Sep 18, 2021
    I am constantly impressed with UCSF providers.
    Aug 20, 2021
    I am thankful to be part of this great teams
    Jun 25, 2021
    caring knowledgeable professional
    Jun 09, 2021
    Dr Yom takes an active interest in my health and well-being. An amazing doctor dedicated to her profession.
    May 03, 2021
    Apr 23, 2021
    Dr. Yom is a very caring kind and friendly physician who always explains things well and also listens to me. I believe she is very knowledgeable and highly respected in her field and am very happy she is part of my team of exceptionable doctors!
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