Patient Rooms

We have both private and double occupancy rooms, which are assigned depending on availability and your medical needs. If a private room is not available at the beginning of your stay, we will make every effort to provide one as soon as possible.

If you have a private room, an adult may stay overnight with you. (Children may not spend the night.) We will try to provide a sleep chair or cot. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will have someone rooming with you. Overnight guests aren't allowed in semi-private rooms.

Telephones are located at each bedside, except in critical care areas. Incoming calls can be received from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. You may place outgoing calls at any time.

Cellular phones may not be used in patient care areas because they interfere with medical equipment. Our staff can direct you to public telephones or areas where you may use cellular phones.

Each patient room has a wall-mounted television. It provides major network programming as well as Spanish language channels and a music channel.

Special Needs

If you are hearing impaired, pay phone TTYs (teletypewriters) — also known as TDDs (telecommunication devices for the deaf) — are available throughout the medical center. We also provide bedside TTYs, phone amplifiers and pocket talkers for patients. Medical center operators are available 24 hours a day by TTY.
TTY Operator (415) 885-3TTY

Books on tape are provided by Volunteer Services for visually impaired hospital patients.

For any other services or special requests, please ask your nurse or call Patient Relations.

Internet Access and Videoconferencing

UCSF Medical Center has partnered with Skype to connect hospital patients with family and friends who are unable to visit in person. The Skype video and voice-calling program is available to patients during their stay in UCSF hospitals.

Using designated laptop computers with Skype software, patients can have virtual visits on a secure network.

Laptops also are available to patients for Internet access.

To borrow a laptop, call Volunteer Services at (415) 353-1196, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Related Information

Preparing for Your Stay

Admitting Department, Parnassus
Phone: (415) 353-1553

Financial Counseling
Phone: (415) 353-1966
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Admitting Department, Mount Zion
Phone: (415) 885-7410

Case Management and Social Work
Phone: (415) 353-1762

Prepare Program at Parnassus
Phone: (415) 353-1099

Prepare Program at Mission Bay
Phone: (415) 514-5590

Contact Us

For help finding a doctor or other assistance, contact our Physician Referral Service at (888) 689-UCSF or (888) 689-8273.

Have a question? Send us an email.