Breast Cancer Decision Services

At the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, we understand the stress that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis. The goal of Breast Cancer Decision Services is to help you map out your questions and concerns and digest the information you receive while facing a series of complex decisions.

Decision Services

Three services — Consultation Planning, Consultation Recording and Decision Aids — are offered.

Consultation Planning

This service helps you identify your questions and concerns before your consultation with a breast cancer specialist. A trained staff member works with you to articulate key questions you want to ask during your appointment. We provide a printout of the questions to help guide the conversation with your doctor. Consultation planning is usually done by phone a day or two before your doctor's appointment.

Consultation Recording

This is a process where a trained staff member attends the consultation with you and your doctor. The staff member records the appointment using an audio recorder and creates a written summary of your doctor's answers to your questions. You and your doctor are given a copy of the summary.

Decision Aids

Several decision aid booklets and videos are available. Contact us to find out if you're eligible for a video on breast cancer decision topics.


If you have a confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer and are scheduled for a consultation with a breast cancer specialist, surgeon or plastic surgeon, you're eligible for our service. These services may be helpful if you're newly diagnosed, seeking a second opinion or in the midst of a complex decision-making process.


Our services are provided at no cost to patients. Consultation planning and recording services are provided based on availability.

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More Information

For more information, please visit the Breast Cancer Decision Services website.